How to setup 1Password syncing with BitTorrent Sync

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    Do you have 1Password on Android or PC and are having trouble keeping them synced? Then follow this guide!

    I've recently switched from iOS to Android. I wanted to sync my 1Password between my Mac and Android but it appears Wi-Fi sync is not available for Android. I've since setup this method for syncing.

    In this guide I will be using a PC (Ubuntu Server 14.04), Laptop (Mac 10.9), and Android (4.4.4). Unfortunately this cannot be performed on iOS due to app restrictions.

    Lets begin!

    Install BitTorrent Sync on your PC or Android device. If you are installing BitTorrent Sync to Ubuntu Server then please refer to this guide.

    I'd recommend installing BitTorrent Sync to one always online PC, such as a media server. Why? Because it will make syncing easier between 3 or more devices. Of course you do not have to do this though.

    If you've not already install 1Password to your PC or Android Device

    Now my 1Password data is located on my MacBook Pro so I'm going to have to start there.


    Configure 1Password to sync with a folder location. Where? You can pick the location but as you can see in the image below I've synced 1Password to /Users/xzkingzxburnzx/Library/Application Support/1Password 4/1Password.agilekeychain

    Screen Shot 2014-07-19 at 8.04.48 PM.png

    Now to start syncing the 1Password.agilekeychain folder between multiple devices you will need to launch BitTorrent Sync and click Add Folder, next click Generate. This will give you a unique secret. Now choose the folder where your 1Password data is located. Exactly as you just did in 1Password. Make sure they are both using the exact same location, otherwise it will not sync. (if your on a Mac the 1Password.agilekeychain folder is treated like a file and you may need to add /1Password.agilekeychain to the end manually)

    Screen Shot 2014-07-19 at 9.32.10 PM.png

    Thats it! Your now ready to start syncing. You can either share the unique secret or by scanning the QR code via Connect Mobile.

    If your setting this up on another PC simply repeat this section and do not generate a new secret. Use the code that has already been generated on the other PC device. Then set 1Password to use that data. Its that simple!


    Now I'm going to show you how to setup the share you've just created on Android. Lets begin, first off lets get the 1Password.agilekeychain folder on your device. To do this you just load up BitTorrent Sync. Click on the + folder icon. You'll see a screen like the one below. Now just choose the folder where you wish to store this data. Where? Again it does not matter. I'd recommended a SD Card (if possible). Also enable auto sync and press done. You will also need to create the folder 1Password.agilekeychain.

    Screenshot_2014-07-19-22-11-27.png Screenshot_2014-07-20-11-05-37.png Screenshot_2014-07-19-20-53-33.png

    The end result will look something like this and you should notice its started syncing! Congrats, you've just synced your 1Password data from PC to Android!

    Now we just need to configure 1Password to use this data. To begin just open 1Password, you will be greeted with a screen like the one below. Select that you've used 1Password before and use folder (local storage) syncing. Then point it to your 1Password.agilekeychain folder.

    Screenshot_2014-07-20-06-34-40.png Screenshot_2014-07-20-06-34-47.png Screenshot_2014-07-20-06-34-53.png

    and thats it! From this point on your 1Password data will stay synced with your PC!

    Ubuntu Server 14.04 LTS

    This is a bit different from a normal PC client as it uses a web interface, although it still remains simple to configure. This is also my always online media server and makes a great place to store my 1Password data. It also means that it will always have the most recent copy of the data.

    Load up (adjust IP address / port based on your setup) and select Add Folder. Select where you would like to store your 1Password data. You will need to create the folder 1Password.agilekeychain and it should look something like this. Be sure to enter your shared secret from before and then just click add.

    Screen Shot 2014-07-19 at 10.20.39 PM.png

    Thats it, your finished. You should notice it has started syncing!

    Screen Shot 2014-07-19 at 7.12.35 PM.png
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