How To Use FTP on Android Phone ("neighborhood" from phone to RGH)

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    This is a video I took from my cellphone (stylo 4 Android) to show you how to FTP files to RGH console. I only use Android so I'm not too sure which app is great for Iphones. in short, this is what I had to do when I began modding as I had no laptop to use neighborhood. This was my neighborhood, I had to learn all of this on my own with no one to guide me so I hope this will help someone out there who doesn't have a pc or laptop to mod, I have a laptop now but I still use FTP for big files at it is foster than neighborhood.

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    Quite impressive you modded your games and added new content from your mobile phone. I do find it slow to do much productive from my phone compared to using a computer, its usually a last resort for me, however you made good use of the only tool you had at the time there!

    As you have an Android you might like FX File Explorer, you can connect to all different types of storage from within one app:

    Screenshot_20190307-092104_FX.png Screenshot_20190307-092115_FX.png Screenshot_20190307-092128_FX.png

    That allowed me to get rid of individual FTP clients, file managers and so on.
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