How to use paypal on upcoming/current update

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    Due to the new update, PayPal has now been added as a feature to XBL. With paypal you can

    With Paypal on Xbox you can buy the following

    :)Microsoft Points
    :)Xbox Live Gold Membership
    :)Downloadable content for different games
    :)Avatar Items

    To Use paypal on the Xbox, first your going to want to go to

    It should take you to your account payment options like so

    now your going to go to "Pay with Paypal"

    Next, your going to want to check off this circle


    Now, in the agreement box type in your first name, and "Account" after like so

    Sign into your paypal, and if your afraid of what's going to happen here is Paypals instructions


    Now you can click agree and it should direct you to again.

    Review your billing agreements and what not, and click next

    Now you are done, congratulations you have added Paypal to your payment options


    Now, when you go to buy something on XBL you can choose "Pay with paypal account" to pay for your content

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