I was away from gaming for yrs. now 65 & returning.

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    I own a Xbox One, an Original 360 and PS4 Pro. Having a devil of a time trying to locate a reliable download or original Xbox disc to transfer data from Original 12 gig HDD to another Xbox Orig HDD that has more room. MS has been of no assistance, even their "support" video only covers the 360 Slim models. The presumption on their part is that the Xplore software pre-exists on the platform. HA. I have the Transfer Cable, and I realize that I can transfer files via a thumb drive, but I want the software for other purposes besides data transfer. I briefly explored this site, but the profusion of transfer files confused me.
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    Welcome back to gaming! The only way you can transfer data on the original Xbox is if it's modded. With the Xbox 360 you can use the transfer cable from Microsoft.

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