Ice cream sandwich rom for htc desire Android 4.0

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    *note still in beta

    homepage ICS for HTC Desire - Home

    Brambo123 Mirror System

    im currently using this as my daily rom gotta say ics is a huge improvment in terms of GUI and features

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    Oct 12, 2010
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    Nottingham, United Kingdom

    Beta 0.3.9

    Much smoother
    Maybe better battery (havn't done long time testing)


    Panorama mode works for camera
    (but colours is off) THX rapmv78
    Gallery should work better
    Fixed TTS in 3.8.1

    Beta 0.3.7

    Gapps updated (4.0.3 calendar)
    camera libs now built from source.
    autobrightness should be working better
    changes in airplanemode functionality

    Beta 0.3.6

    Fixed market (phone don't think it's a tablet anymore)
    Added the missing maps files so you can install map dependant apps

    Beta 0.3.5

    Smoother framework
    Ad hoc wifi support
    Removed maps (install from market) Changed some stuff so shouldn't be problems with FC's anymore.
    Better working MMS app (larger resolution on pics)

    Beta 0.3.4

    lockscreen: can choose whatever you want for the actions in evtoolbox (i'll fix up the "waves" for next time)
    evtoolbox: lockscreen stuff - new submenu: interface with tbwake toggle (this was a fucing bitch to make work), vol wake, vol music contols moved here. - sixbar signal toggle in statusbar menu
    camera: newer libs from rapmv78 for video
    a2sd: added 'checkext' to fix errors on sd-ext partition (you dont need to run this...its already being done on every boot)
    Now possible to automatically and manually search for provider.

    Beta 0.3.3

    The ICS quicksearch
    Exchange calendar sync
    Better video recording (less choppy)
    Better working modules
    Gtalk works better
    Working adb

    Beta 0.3

    -notification toolbox: tap settings icon to switch between, long press to open settings
    -lockscreen: volumebutton music control
    -lockscreen: nullpointerexception soft reboot issue resolved
    -kernel: rebuild based on latest from tiamat
    -6barsignal: new drawables
    -camera: rapmv78 libs
    -launcher2: a couple options like hide search bar (there are a few options in the launcher settings that dont do anything yet, the only working opiton is hide search bar)
    -UMS: should properly detect plug/unplug events now (this is where the wipe is recommended if its not working for you, its cause the old not working settings are saved)
    -misc: new bootanimation from Bexton
    -latinime: more dictionaries <snip>
    -apps2sd: rewrote for more awesomeness
    -Removed Trebuchet
    -Trackpad works, even Wake
    -No reboot when homesreen is in landscape mode and pressing power button
    Changes from Evervolv:
    Video recording added.
    Added modules for Tiamat Kernel (cifs etc)
    Fixed market.
    Newer gapps (and better working ones)
    Added Youtube app

    Beta 0.2.1

    USB mass storage should work partially (only when you have phone connected at boot)
    Much better camera (thx rampv)
    - more stable
    - can take several pics without freezing
    - zoom work
    - also some settings does
    - pictures takes less space

    Beta 0.2

    Based on the newest evervolv release (4.0.3)(Thx drewis)
    Everything that have worked earlier should still work!
    Changes from the evervolv release:
    Added partially working camera
    Fixed market so you can download payed apps.
    Includes both regular launcher and trebuchet so you can choose yourself.
    Updated all the gapps in the evervolv release to the newest ones i could find.
    + a few other tweaks so everything was working as it did on this build before

    Beta 0.1.4

    Just updated the HW hack on a request.
    Replaced from 0.1.3 to the 0.1.2 build, suppose to give better performance

    Beta 0.1.3

    New HW hack
    No more errors in logcat
    / Market updated to 3.4.4

    Beta 0.1.2

    New HW hack (increased speed up + 150 points in quadrant)
    Added trackpad (not tp2wake)

    Beta 0.1.1

    INew bootanimation
    Set roaming to disable at first boot
    Sorted some permissions
    Updated kernel, backported wifi driver from 3.0 kernel
    Native wifi tethering is now working
    Signal bars for cell coverage might work (not tested properly)
    New framework

    Beta 0.1

    Cleaned up the build (seems faster)
    Moved back to tristans kernel
    -better speed and battery hopefully)
    Fixed sound issue
    Removed Darktremor apps2sd (flash it if you want)
    Added bootanimation
    Removed apps that gave errors under update
    Fixed wifi problems for some

    Alpha 0.4.1

    Updated gapps to v.5.1
    Market now works also for payed apps
    More codecs are working for video.
    Data tracker and limit is now fully working
    Updated HW hack to the newest one from HD2

    Alpha 0.4.0

    All in one zip, (su, kernel, ROM and darktremo a2sd)
    A2sd (Darktremor) NEED EXT2 or EXT3
    Live wallpapers added
    Wifi fixed for those having issues with that.
    Init.d should be fully working
    Extended PowerMenu
    Some other CM9 tweaks
    *data tracker is not working because of changes done to implement init.d (didn't have time to readd it)

    Alpha 0.3.0 - 0.3.6

    Added data user tracker, partial fix
    Fixed video playback (added youtube.apk)
    Enabled wifi tether (use barnacle)
    Bluetooth is fixed
    Added GoogleBackup files so it's now working.
    Stable 3G! no more issues (might need to add APN if it don't find it automatically)
    Kernel is needed for headphones, gps and compass.
    App2sd ( the stock included not app2sd+ or app2ext)
    Might need to flash kernel afterwards
    Fixed headphone (edited kernel)
    Fixed market issue
    But BT is gone, it's a kernel issue. Working on it.
    Fixed all sensors
    Changed kernel
    Fixed BT
    GPS now should work for everyone
    Added picaza sync
    Sorted permissions for 3rd party apps that needed maps

    Alpha 0.1.2-0.2.2

    Small change
    Added new gmail
    Calendar now syncing with gmail account
    BT seems to have been unstable all the time, so is now listed as not working (sorry about that)
    Sound works flawlessly, no errors whatsoever.
    Should boot for everyone now without any extra flashing
    3G works
    MUCH faster
    Permanently fix for Wifi
    Gapps added
    cm7r2 option is removed because build is to big, data++ works atm
    -Removed softbuttons

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    I have used an older version that rom on my Desire, i found it to be a bit too laggy for every day use. Could have improved by now though.

    I do agree though stock Android 4 is great, running that on my new Galaxy Nexus.

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