I'm getting fed up with itunes errors

Discussion in 'Computer and Technology Discussion' started by slimwadey, Jun 16, 2012.

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    My iphone 4 works well , i keep it updated and so far has been fine
    My fiancee has had problems and has not been able to update for ages due to error 3194, every time i try to fix it i google and all the info says its to do with a jailbreak issue .. strange that both phones heve never been jailbroken ..
    So today i tried to update my phone, i got error 1602 , google and it has lots of info about jailbroken phones again, my phone is now stuck with a pic of connect to itunes on the front ... So i found the Apple website and it told me to delete itunes and delete all files associated, re download tunes and start again, done this and when i plug the phone in it does not get picked up by itunes...

    It wont even show up in my computer
    Can anyone help ? my mum is in hospital and i really need the phone today
    Thanks in advance
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    itunes was not able to contact apple, you would do better putting the iphone in DFU mode and downloading a version of iOS and install that instead, when your phone is in DFU mode iTunes will tell you it has a phone connected that needs to be repaired if you click accept it will connect and download, but if you shift and click accept it will let you find the iOS downloaded file you have on your system
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