Install Plex On The NowTV HD Box - Step By Step Guide

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    Follow this easy step by step guide to get your NowTV HD box setup, then install Plex without having to sign up for any NowTV service.

    If you have the original white NowTV box you want to follow this tutorial.


    The NowTV HD is a rebranded Roku 2 which is a nice improvement on the original NowTV box, especially for us Plex users. The NowTV HD features an Ethernet port, USB port, dual band wireless and a microSD card reader. The new NowTV HD is capable of direct streaming x264 level 4.1 1080p encoded video from your Plex server without transcoding.

    The Ethernet connection allows the NowTV HD to be wired in to your home network, which is certainly better than wireless for streaming 1080p video. In comparison the original NowTV is limited to 720p and only has wireless functionality, no Ethernet.

    You can have Plex up and running on the NowTV HD in around 10 minutes.

    Before you begin this guide, I will assume you have already purchased your NowTV box, but if not, for only £14.99 delivered you might as well order one (or a few, hehe!) You can buy them at this link directly from Sky:

    Step 1: Registering a free NowTV account.

    To even get the NowTV box setup, you need to setup an account with Sky. They will try and push you into giving away credit card details in the promise of a free 30 day trial (which they hope you forget to cancel and then charge you for it) but if you follow these steps you can avoid all that (and even get away with fake details):

    Click this link to go to the Sign up Page: Join NOW TV today

    Scroll down and select the 14 day free entertainment trial:


    Next you’re asked for some details. I filled in a random name for this step as well as a username and password. It does ask for an email address for this step and I did use an old email of mine but they never asked to verify it so you could get away with entering any old/fake email address here.


    On the next page, it will suddenly ask you for a credit card and billing address. I do not wish to give this to Sky so at this stage I just closed the page. But rest assured the account is still made and usable!


    Job done, your account is made but you didn’t have to give any details away, the account is now ready for the NowTV box.

    Step 2: Connecting up and Configure your NowTV Box.

    This is simple, unbox your NowTV HD device and connect it up to your TV.


    When you first boot the NowTV Box up, it will ask for your wireless network details if you havn't connected it to your home network via Ethernet. After the NowTV box performs some software updates. Once these are completed you need to login with your newely created account before your device completes setup and boots up. Depending on the box you have the interface might look a bit different than what is pictured here, however rest assured the process is the same.


    Step 3: Enabling Developer Mode and Install Plex

    First thing’s first, your need to download Plex to your PC. I’ve compiled the latest Plex for Roku from Github ready for use, which you can download here:

    Download Plex 3.1.5 for NowTV and NowTV HD Box

    Download this file to your desktop, but don’t unzip it.

    Next, grab your Now TV remote and press the following buttons in order, relatively quickly. If you fail once, just repeat and try again:

    Home x3, Up x2, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right

    All going well, you will be presented with the below screen on the NowTV HD box:


    Write down the address which is shown, or take a picture (this is important!), you will need to remember the username displayed on screen, this is usually rokudev.

    Click enable installer and re-start, you will be prompted to create a password, this can be anything. Just remember this password as i'm not sure you can change it at a later date.


    When the NowTV box has reloaded and back on the home screen fire up your web browser on your PC and go to the address which was shown to you earlier. If you got it correct, you will be presented with the below screen:


    Select ‘Browse’ and select the zip file you downloaded earlier. Select install and all going well you will be presented with the below:


    Now take a look at your TV and you should see Plex has loaded up and is ready to be configured the same as you would on any other device running Plex.

    Your all set, Plex is installed onto your NowTV box and is selectable from the main menu:


    Down the line if you ever want to complete another update, you will need to repeat the process with the web browser and loading a zip. Sadly as Plex was installed via the developer route it cannot be updated via the Channel Store like normal apps.

    However you now have a 1080p capable Plex client, with wireless networking, Ethernet and a nice remote control for £14.99 delivered. A pretty sweet deal i'm sure you will agree!

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