Is it still better to pick Intel over AMD?

Discussion in 'Computer and Technology Discussion' started by ErikMetha, Feb 5, 2020.

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    Hello everyone, I am been wanting to build my own computer for a very long time. I know my way a round computers, but the one thing that I cannot get a fair and balanced answer on is Intel still better to pick then AMD? For amd I am talking about there Ryzen cpus. I never really worked with ryze before in my life. All of the computers that I had worked on had been Intel. I know that AMD has been crushing it when it comes to benchmarks and they are close or right on intels tail. The only pro that I have found on intel is its still has the strongest single core performance. I am not a fan boy of intel, just been using them for a long time, but I am not afraid of picking AMD, I just want to make a smart purchase.

    Also I edit photos and every now and then I do some light gaming, mostly emulation. I hope that can help. Thank you
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    Like you i'm no fanboy of any brand, I think you only loose out in the long term by never considering other options.

    Back in the early 2000's I always used AMD back in the Athlon XP days, as Intel simply could not compete with AMD back then. However i've been Intel since the Core2Duo days.

    If I was building a new PC today I'd most likely go with Rizen, as you say AMD are crushing it these days, with AMD generally been a lot better value for money.

    Put a like for like Intel and AMD spec together and see which comes out cheaper and go for that option.

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