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    A lot of people here have probably played Jazz Jackrabbit 2 and probably even the first Jazz Jackrabbit. The last game in the series, Jazz Jackrabbit Advance, is somewhat different from what we're used to in the series. Is it still worth a buy?


    First I'll discuss the positive sides of the game. First of all, it's Jazz Jackrabbit. How can you go wrong there? The music is in the same style as the pc version. You can tell some more resemblances between Jazz Jackrabbit 2 and this one. For example, some of the levels in this game use the same tilesets as some levels in Jazz Jackrabbit 2, for example the sewer or the famous castle tileset from the battle levels have been used in the game.

    The game also has a multiplayer option, but since I never played this I can't comment on it. Everytime you finish a world you unlock a new level for multiplayer. You're still going around fighting turtles like in the old Jazz Jackrabbit games. But, are those turtles really the same...?


    Everyone who loves the old Jazz Jackrabbit games and has seen the box-art of this game has probably wondered is they should get this game. As you can see, they changed Jazz quite a bit. He lost his bandana, got a new gun, got some new clothes.. The only thing that remained the same is his name and the fact that it's a green rabbit. But Jazz isn't the only one that has changed. Eva Earlong, Jazz's girlfriend, has been traded in for a girl called Zoe Cottontail. Devan Shell isn't in the game either. He has been traded in for a turtle called Dark Shell, which is basically Darth Vader and Devan Shell thrown together. Spaz makes a short cameo in the game, but you won't be seeing much of him either.

    Now let's discuss some ingame stuff. As I said Jazz has lost his trusty blue gun. All his new guns are gray, unlike the colorful weapons he used to have. The guns are very basic, machine guns, a flamethrower, a rocket launcher, basic guns you'd see in any other game. The game has obviously taken a lot from Star Wars. Like I said, Dark Shell looks a lot like Darth Vader with the black helmet and all that. But also the normal turtle troops have been taken from Star Wars. They're basically stormtroopers. Throughout the game you collect money, which you can use after each world to buy weapons. Another new weapon is the carrot grenade. Unlike in the old Jazz games where a carrot would mean health, this time they are used as grenades.

    Jazz travels through space in his spaceship in the game. In the first Jazz Jackrabbit you would travel from planet to planet but this is the first time there is a real storyline in the game. You fly from planet to planet, getting missions from a guy called Sergeant Margsly. There are no nice cartoony videos like in the older Jazz games, you get some text and a picture of the person talking, that's it. Same goes for the ending, no video, just some people talking shortly and then the credits roll, but maybe you can't expect them to be putting videos like that into a GBA game.


    Should you get it?
    It depends on how obsessed you are with Jazz Jackrabbit. If you really love the older games, get it, even if it's only to see some old Jazz Jackrabbit 2 tilesets again in this game. If you're not that obsessed with the older games, you might not want to get it. It's a decent platformer but why would you get this if you can get Mario os Sonic for your GBA instead? The levels all basically come down to finding keys, pulling levers and killing reptiles to get to the exit with a boss at the end of each world. It's not a bad game, it's just not great either. It's nothing that hasn't been done before.

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