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Krayzie 007 UXE Installer 2.8 (Softmod Xbox 1 with 007 Agent Under Fire)

Discussion in 'Consoles and Homebrew' started by InsaneNutter, Feb 12, 2012.

  1. InsaneNutter

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    Jun 1, 2007
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    Download Krayzie 007 UXE Installer 2.8 Installer

    I used this on Xbox's back in 2006, the Xbox's are still working great today in 2012.


    This installer installs the UXE exploit along with nkpatcher 10 and the evolution x or unleashx dashboard. There will also
    be an install of a Virtual C drive and a virtual Eeprom. The virtual C will be unmodded so the MSdashboard can be used
    afterwards. The exploit can be switched off or on by a simple gamesave exploit switch. When turned off the xbox should be
    safe to have full live acces and acces to the online dashboard.

    Feedback: Krayzie Uxe Installer - Scenyx Entertainment Community

    It is recommended to set the language in the MSdashboard to English. After the mod you can change it back to whatever
    you like since this only happens in the virtual eeprom.


    The installer now only works on live enabled dashboards. There must be a live option present when you turn on the xbox without
    a game. If this is not the case the dashboard can be upgraded with a live enabled game.
    Also the installer might not function properly if there are leftovers from previous exploits. It will however not interfere
    with folders like apps and games.


    • The saves now come zipped up for direct use on Action Replay devices. If you don't use Action replay you need to unzip first.
    • Copy the save to the xbox hd.
    • Load the save through the game and follow the instructions.
    • Leave the save on the HD after installing.


    The 007 version needs to be loaded a certain way in order to get the save working otherwise it will just boot to a black screen.
    When you get to the load game screen DONT'T select load game but start a new one. Then when you reached the actual game
    (after the cutscene), hit the start button and select quit game, Then go back to the load game screen and this time select "load game".

    Backup eeprom:

    You can use this to create an eeprom backup without having to install the whole softmod. Remember in order to return the xbox to
    it's original state you need to remove the eeprom backup. You can use the remove eeprom backup function to do this.

    Restore xbox:

    Since the installer might not function properly when there are leftovers or other messed up hd files on the hd you can use this
    option to restore the xbox to it's original state. You'll need a slayers auto installer disc to do so.


    After the installation you can use the gamesave to switch between modded and retail.

    Remove softmod:

    After the installation you can undo the complete softmod. All installed files will be removed.
    (with exception of the gamesave)


    With dualboot you can adjust the bootorder when you power on the xbox with the eject button.
    You can install dualboot in two variations. #1 is dualboot to the installer menu and #2 is dualboot to a second XBE file
    that the user can set for himself. This could be any xbe like an app, dashboard, bios loader etc. The xbe needs to be signed
    habibi and put in the created folder: E:\dashboard\tray open\ named as default.xbe
    There is also an option to remove the dualboot feature again.

    This will install the DVD player with menu support. The dashboards are allready set to autorun this file when loading a

    Format options:
    Two format options are present to format additional space on both the F and G drive. You must have this space in order to
    format it.

    Clear Cache:
    This can be used if you experience many games hanging/crashing/not loading. It's harmless and might help.

    Have fun.


    v2.7-v2.8 added dualboot,format options,cacheclearing,DVDx2,eeprombackup,restore option,
    autocache clearing,autofolders for apps,games,emus and trainers,some minor script adjustement and saves now come zipped up
    v2.6-v2.7 bugfix in switching
    v2.5-v2.6 menu structure adjustement, removed double language selection option, added nkp choice clarification
    v1.4-v2.5 complete new install engin (unleashx), full cbackup hidden on actualC, complete retail virtualC, restore function,
    checks for dashboard and virtual files
    v1.3-v1.4 added English language support and some other minor adjustments.
    v1.2-v1.3 minor readme adjustment and added emulators option in evox (E:/F:\emus)
    v1.1-v1.2 added on/off switch and some minor structure adjustement
    v1.0-v1.1 eeprom now is saved automatically

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