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Request: Latest Fight Night Round 4 DLC and Patch

Discussion in 'Requests' started by Fudgebar, Dec 6, 2009.

  1. Fudgebar

    Fudgebar Member

    Nov 23, 2009
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    Acording to EA Sports.....A new title update is available:

    Also does anyone also have the new DLC too?

    ( new Downloadable Content (DLC) pack for Fight Night Round 4 is now available on PlayStation®Network for $9.99. Recently nominated in the "Best Individual Sports Game" Category for Spike TV's 2009 Videogame Awards, Fight Night Round 4 has been winning over reviewers since its release on June 23rd with its realistic graphics and genre defining physics-based boxing engine. Due to an unforseen issue, the DLC for XBOX 360 users will now be available sometime before Christmas. In addition to including Bernard Hopkins, Sonny Liston and Evander Holyfield as playable boxers, the DLC pack includes two all-new game modes. The first, Old School Rules brings a new take to the traditional boxing experience, while the second, Ring Rivalries, allows you to re-create some of the greatest match ups in boxing history. Consumers can purchase the pack as a bundle, or purchase just the modes and boxers they want.)


    A new Title Update was also made available which includes the following changes:
    Game Play Updates
    - Adjusted the locomotion speed at close proximity so that your opponent can no longer trap you with glued feet
    - Increased the stamina cost when continually punching
    - Increased stamina loss when continually weaving
    - Increased stamina loss for users that spam upper body movement
    - Can no longer perform a perfect block when spamming the block
    - Increased the stamina cost when continually running away from your opponent
    - No illegal blows can be thrown by either user when one user is in a stun state
    - Increased stamina cost of Haymakers
    - Tuned punch accuracy when opponents are moving their head
    - Reduced locomotion speed when throwing punch combos

    Create Player Updates
    - Allow users to duplicate and edit ratings of licensed boxers

    Online World Championship Updates
    - Improved cheat detection logic

    General Updates
    - Various Bug fixes

    These updates will be available for FREE. Also available for free are over a dozen new Create Boxer accessories including Boots, Trunks, and Gloves.

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