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LEGO Dimensions Free DLC

Discussion in 'Downloadable Content' started by wertercatt, Jul 12, 2021.

  1. wertercatt

    wertercatt Member

    Jul 11, 2021
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    This is the free in-game DLC for LEGO Dimensions, meant to let you save space on your 360's hard drive by downloading just the files for the figures you own. I downloaded and mirrored all of it so that the game will still be completely playable in the future, or if your console is banned from Xbox Live.

    You will need to physically own and scan the figures to access the content in the game. This is a 'Toys to Life' game. These are simply the files required to support all the released figures. Also, RGH/JTAG is required.

    I have it hosted on my own web server, but I give full permission if the admins want to mirror the content to download.digiex.net.

    Download all LEGO Dimensions DLC (30 packages, 14.8GB Installed)

    Archive includes:
    • 'A-Team Fun Pack'
    • 'Adventure Time Level Pack'
    • 'Back to the Future Level Pack'
    • 'Beetlejuice Fun Pack'
    • 'Character and Tag Item Content'
    • 'Character and Tag Item Content 2'
    • 'Character and Tag Item Content 3'
    • 'Character and Tag Item Content 3b'
    • 'Character and Tag Item Content 4'
    • 'Character and Tag Item Content 5'
    • 'Doctor Who Level Pack'
    • 'E.T. Fun Pack'
    • 'Fantastic Beasts Story Pack'
    • 'Ghostbusters (2016) Story Pack'
    • 'Ghostbusters Level Pack'
    • 'Goonies Level Pack'
    • 'Gremlins Team Pack'
    • 'Harry Potter Team Pack'
    • 'Jurassic World Content'
    • 'Knight Rider Fun Pack'
    • 'LEGO City Fun Pack'
    • 'Midway Arcade Level Pack'
    • 'Mission Impossible Level Pack'
    • 'Portal Level Pack'
    • 'Powerpuff Girls Team Pack'
    • 'Sonic Level Pack'
    • 'Spanish and Italian Language Pack'
    • 'Teen Titans Go! Team Pack'
    • 'The LEGO Batman Movie Story Pack'
    • 'The Simpsons Level Pack'
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  2. Solstar

    Solstar New Member

    Feb 13, 2022
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    hi link is dead is possible to ask for a reupload
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  3. henrik

    henrik New Member

    Jul 15, 2022
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    hey the link is dead, could you possibly re upload?
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  4. BrezenPilot

    BrezenPilot New Member

    Feb 5, 2024
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    could you possibly re upload,this link is dead.Thank you

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