Less laptops sold in U.S. despite Windows 8

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    Notebooks with Windows 8 sell less then other Notebooks.
    This has been confirmed by the NPD Group .

    Even with the hype & trend around Windows 8, selling numbers have been decreasing over the last year.
    Over the last year -11 % Windows Notebooks have been sold.
    A Windows 8 Notebook has a stable price around 420 dollars.

    It is notable that few people have a Windows 8 laptop with touchscreen buy. Only 4.5 percent of the selling laptops with the new operating system had a touchscreen.
    Also Macs sold in the U.S. less, though the decline was smaller. There were 6 percent less Macbooks over the counter. The average price of a Mac is $ 1,000 higher than that of Windows notebooks, with an average of $ 1,419.

    Vice President Stephen Baker of NPD speaks of a weak product cycle. Although some products such as tablets and headsets do well, he says that the electronics industry is threatened by a shortage of new revenue sources.

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