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    Liberty-Flights is one of my preferred online retailers for electronic cigarette's and e-liquid. As a big time 'vaper' I find myself regularly in need of replacement e-liquid and I love the great range of flavours and various brands available on Liberty-Flights that I've decided to write up a little review which also doubles up as a mini-guide for new users to get them started.

    Also note you can get 10% off liberty-flights on every order by using our coupon code, just use 'digiex' in the checkout and receive 10% off your whole order, everytime!

    Please note the below is mainly aimed at newcomers, for those of you who are already vaping you properly have your own views, and preferred methods and kits which your welcome to share by replying to this thread or making your own.

    Best Starter Kit

    Before you even consider getting an expensive electronic cigarette, I’d advise you popping down to your local supermarket and seeing if you can pick up a one time disposable e-cigarette just to actually try the product and see if you like ‘vaping’ as an alternative to smoking. This will save you a great deal if you dislike it, as the set back for a one time use disposable unit is around £5 / $10.

    At the moment, my recommendation for anyone wishing to purchase their first dedicated kit is the Vision e-Go V2 sold on Liberty-Flights. For around £45 / $60 you get all the kit you will ever need in a great bundle. Two batteries, charger, two vision e-go’s, a great case and a free small bottle of liquid to get you going. I’d recommend however picking up some more liquid at the same time, as the 5ml bottle will only last a few days to a week at most (depending on usage).

    You can get the kit at:
    Product is Vision EGO V2 Dual Kit

    Screen Shot 2013-01-24 at 21.15.18.png
    Instruction guide is all included. Each Vision E-go can last between 2-4 weeks depending on usage and you get two to begin with so it will keep you going for your first month.

    Types of E-Liquid

    Liberty-Flights sell two primary brands of liquid, as well as guest suppliers like Pink Spot, Decadent Vapours.

    Original E-Liquid
    These are the original Chinese made e-liquids which are available in every store. There cheap, at around £10 for a 30ml bottle, and come in a range of flavours. For someone new to vaping, these are the best starting liquids due to their low price and great range. They come in two liquid bases (pg and vg), and two flavour ranges (tobacco based and fruit based). For anyone new to vaping, I would always recommend PG which is the standard base. VG is vegetable based, which has more vapour but is a lot thicker, requiring specific kit to successfully burn without damaging the unit. As for flavours, if you loved the flavour of tobacco that’s the best choice, but most people are more into the habit and not the taste, in which case I’d recommend fruits. Cherry is my personal favourite.

    PG Tobacco (30ml bottles):

    PG Other Flavours ie Fruit etc (30ml bottles):

    XO E-Liquid

    XO liquid is the more expensive brand of flavourings. With the extra cost, you get the benefit of a whole new set of flavours, which are all made in the EU. For those a bit worried about Chinese quality standards when you’re vaporizing the liquid into your lungs, this is the best bet. But costs are more around the £15 for a bottle.

    XO E-Liquids (All Flavours):

    Delivery + Returns
    Whenever I order from Liberty-Flights, I always pick the cheapest non-recorded delivery option. I find orders are usually dispatched same day if in the morning, on next working day if ordered late into the current day. Orders are always shipped by First class on the UK store. Not sure on the US store however. Products arrive well packaged and in discrete packaging. Return policy is also good if any products are dead on arrival. The staff are friendly and happy to recommend products and give advice to.

    Hope you enjoy my mini-review of Liberty-Flights and I wish anyone using e-cig’s the very best, it’s a lot better way of getting your nicotine without burning tobacco and all the dangerous chemicals contained. Feel free to share your own recommendations from Liberty-Flights by replying below, or if you have another supplier or wish to review any of your purchases, please make a new thread! :)

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