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Discussion in 'Digiex Minecraft Server' started by Nimrod, Sep 2, 2011.

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    While you may think asking an Admin ingame a quick question won't be a problem, and in general it wouldn't be if it wasn't for the sheer amount of questions from a large volume of people. Admins are joining the game after a day of work, to play a bit of Minecraft and are getting asked about 10 questions on joining, some of which a simple Google or reading of this site would achieve. For that reason, Admins are avoiding coming on, or ignoring questions, which isn't good for the players, nor the Admin's ability to play on there own server. However out of all these, some questions are good questions and we want to help.

    The solution? Using this forum as a support forum. On every post to this forum, an email is dispatched to every Admin to notify them of a new post. This means your problem will easily be made aware to everyone, and provides a written record of it. Then an Admin when available can read your support question, and answer it, and at the same time any player reading looking for the same answer, can get it once answered.

    So from now, please start your thread name with the prefix [Question], followed by your question. Example:
    [Question] How do I set my home in CityWorld?

    Once it has been answered in a reply, the Admin will change the Prefix from [Question] to [Answered] and it will still be available for anyone else to read.

    In general, please stop asking constantly bothering multiple Admins ingame, and use this support forum as discussed. Also as usual, anyone using private messaging ingame /m to harass an Admin will be totally ignored. If you query is super urgent and you need to let an Admin know ingame, please use the [/Helpop Query] Command.

    Thank you all for your support.
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