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    Yesterday I started playing Lost: Via Domus. I started playing around 10:00, I finished the game at 16:00..


    In the beginning...
    I'm sure most of you are familiar with the story of Lost, but for those who aren't, it's about a plane that crashes on an island. The survivors are trying to get off the island while a lot of strange stuff happens.
    In the game you play the role of a photographer who lost his memory. You play a character that isn't in the series. You can't really blame Ubisoft for doing this, since if would be hard to take just one of the survivors and let the game revolve around him or her since you'd miss out on a lot. You start of in the jungle and have to make your way to the beach where the plane crashed. Here you get to meet some of the familiar cast from the series like Jack, Micheal and Locke. After helping for a bit on the beach, the day ends..

    The game can be described as an adventure, you talk to the other survivors to get information on what you have to do. At the start this is getting your memory back and remembering who you are. This happens with the familiar flashbacks. In these flashbacks you have to take a picture of a situation from the memory. That way you can remember part of your memory.


    The story
    The story of the game isn't exactly the same as in the series. There is some stuff added to your character which isn't in the series, which would be expected. Also, you don't get to see a lot of the scenes from the series like the hatch being blown open or the trip to the Black Rock to get the dynamite. Instead you just wake up one day to an explosion and you know they opened the hatch. This is kind of a dissapointment since I would have liked to be there when it happened, but the guy wasn't there in the series when it happened so I guess it wouldn't have made sense if you were there so it's all good.

    After a while Locke shows you the hatch and this to me was the best part of the game. After he showed it to you, the day ends and you wake up to the explosion of the hatch being opened. After running some errands you get to go in and the hatch is really a wonderful place to be. It is exactly the same as in the series. There's a counter going down from 108 (of course when you enter you have to press the button first). What's also nice about this is that it actually counts down. If you'd stay down for 108 minutes you'd actually have to enter the numbers again. Also the blast doors with the map on it are in place. Just like the room Ben was locked in. After this the game really went downhill...


    Rush hour (SPOILER WARNING)
    If you plan on playing the game yourself some time don't read on because from here the story takes a turn away from the actual story of Lost. Before the hatch part you get a compass which you apparently have to follow to find your way home, yet it doesn't work because of the magnet from the hatch. You need to travel to the ship to get some dynamite to blow open a door where the magnet is with a computer to shut it down. You get to go on and eventually you get to the poles with the forcefield the others have around their camp. Juliet shows up and takes down the forcefield. You make your was to the Flame, the base where the Russian guy with the eyepatch is. Here you get knocked out and taken to the cell Jack was in in season 3.

    After Tom opens the door for you you make your way to Ben. He tells you that if you bring him Jack, he will show you the way home. You agree and get taken back to the camp. Here you tell Jack you want to show him something at the Black Rock. After getting there Tom comes out and takes Jack hostage (along with Kate who of course followed you). At this point you need to save both of them. After doing that you get knocked out and wake up on a hill. From here you need to run down to the boat which will take you home. After getting there you get on and you finished the game. You get a cutscene of you floating away and you get a weird cliffhanger like expected from Lost, but I won't spoil that for you...


    The flaws..
    There are a number of flaws to the game which I will be discussing now. First of all the camp is very empty. Apart from 4 or 5 (sometimes even less) of the familiar faces from the series there isn't anyone there. A lot of people aren't in the game at all, like Walt, Shannon, Boone, Rose, Eko or the French woman. You also only get to see Jin and Desmond once. And the characters you do get to see don't even all have the voices of the original cast.

    After the hatch bit the game really feels rushed and not like Lost anymore. After going through the story like it had been in the series you just rush through some of the familiar places from the series without it really being connected to the events from the series. Another thing that didn't make much sense to me was how you shut down the magnet from the hatch. If you could simply shut it down by using a computer, then why did Desmond go through all the trouble of using that key?


    So what's the deal?
    Personally, being a Lost fan, I would have liked being able to walk around in more familiar situations. You don't get to see the other survivors, the hatch being destroyed or any other big events. It's really just one big added story to the series. Personally I think it would have liked it better if they just let you play the characters from the original cast and switch between them from time to time or whatever. This just feels like they wanted to make some quick cash out of some of Lost's familiar places without caring much about the actual story.

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    if you are a lost fan,this game is a -must-have-..if you arent a fan,you would not like the game

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