Microsoft opens up more places on Xbox LIVE Update beta

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    Microsoft will expand the closed beta of the 2012 Xbox Live update with a new round of testers in the coming weeks.

    The platform holder has re-opened the application page for entry into the beta, but numbers will still be limited so don't hang around.
    The beta first opened up in July when MS took in the first round of volunteers to test out a pre-release version of the new dashboard features set for arrival later this year.

    The beta includes an early look at:

    - Internet Explorer for Xbox

    - Recommendations and ratings

    - Pinning and favorites

    - Enhanced category search and discovery features

    - Voice search (in specified markets)

    Note: MS warns of heavy traffic on the application site causing issues with the submission process - be patient and keep trying.

    Source: Xbox News: 2012 Xbox Live update public beta expands - taking applications now -
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    How come your dashboard says ' toepassingen'? Or is it a random picture? I just got the idea that it would be cool if you could rename the top words. For example, change Home to 'Cheese' or Games to 'Cow'. That's a pretty good idea....
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    The dashboard is in a different language is all.

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