Moto G - £100 Smartphone with a 4 Day Battery Life

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    The Moto G is a budget smart phone priced around £100 for the 8gb version and £120 for the 16gb version. For that sort of money you would expect the smart phone to be "ok" at best, given you pay £300 for a 16gb high end Nexus Device, then £630ish for a 16gb iPhone.

    If you thought the Moto G was rubbish you would honestly not be any further from the truth. This this is coming from someone who has always purchased high end smart phones too.
    The Moto G can handle anything you want to do it on with ease and its buttery smooth too, even more so with the Android 4.4.2 update.

    Moto G Hardware:

    The hardware inside the Moto G is as follows:

    Processor: 1.2 GHz quad-core Cortex-A7
    Ram: 1gb
    Storage: 16gb
    Battery: 2,070 mAh
    Display: 4.50" screen with Gorilla Glass 3 @ 1280×720 px (329 ppi)
    Rear camera: 5 MP with LED flash
    Front camera: 1.3 MP
    Radio: FM radio
    Connectivity: GPS / GLONASS, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0 and Micro-USB

    Keeping in mind the phone only costs £100 the above spec is very generous, especially when you think the Iphone 5s has a 4" 326 ppi (pixels per inch) screen at 640×1136. With the Moto G you are getting a larger screen with a higher resolution and slightly more pixels per inch than the iPhone 5s... not bad to be honest.

    The Nexus 5 however, the flagship Android device has a 4.95" screen at 1080×1920 with (445 PPI), so the screen can not compete with that, however its honestly more than good enough. Only having a 720p screen does wonders for battery life too (more of that later on in the review), which i would personally argue is more important than a 1080p screen on a mobile device.

    As you can see the processor is nothing high end today, and the ram for an Android device is pretty average, however that does not impact on the performance of the phone at all. Your every day apps and tasks, such as Internet browsing, Email, Facebook, Whatsapp and other similar apps will be instant, the phone will also be extremely responsive no matter what is been done, or running in the background. Not having the latest high end processor in the phone again does wonders for battery life.

    Unless your playing the latest high end demanding 3D games the phone will more than handle any of the popular mobile games out today with ease too, even then the Moto G will hold its own with 3d gaming too.

    Specification wise the only thing i feel the phone is lacking in is 4g, however given 4g coverage does not exist yet where i live this is hardly a deal breaker. Especially when i can get 10mbps download speeds over 3g here, that's more than enough for a mobile device to steam or download anything.

    The Camera:

    The Camera on the Moto G is not bad, i would not say its amazing either, however the pictures are more than good enough for Facebook and a general quick photo. The flash also does a good job at lighting a dark room and taking a good photo. The same for video recording, you are limited to 720p, however the quality of the video is ok, however just not amazing. I don't think the camera or video recording would blow you away, however unless you plan on printing photos out i also don't think you would be that disappointed for quick snaps to upload to Facebook, Instagram or anywhere else online.

    As someone who loves a quality camera in a smart phone, to me personally I would want something better. However keeping in mind the Moto G is a £100 mobile phone, i certainly don't think this would be a deal breaker looking for a phone in that price range.

    Moto G Sample Photos:

    IMG_20140421_112431.jpg IMG_20140421_112631.jpg

    Download: Moto G 720p Sample Video

    Battery Life:

    Battery life is something i think should be given a lot more attention than what is currently is on mobile phones, i dont want 1080p / 2k screens, 3gigs of ram and a 2.3ghz quad core processor. I want a phone that will perform well in day to day use, however have the battery power to allow me to use the phone all day without worry.

    This is where the Moto G shines, the battery life is absolutely amazing for a mobile phone, the Moto G has gone 4 days with either Wi-Fi or 3g connected all the time and still has 19% battery left! That to be honest has gone beyond any expectations i ever had. I had read online it was good, however 4 days for a smart phone which has been used and constantly connected really has amazed me!

    Screenshot_2014-04-21-09-15-56.png Screenshot_2014-04-21-09-15-47.png

    During those 4 days the screen has been on for 2 hours and 30 mins, and the phone has constantly been reviving Email, Facebook and Whatsapp push notifications, along with making 20 minutes of voice calls.

    Screenshot_2014-04-21-09-16-04.png Screenshot_2014-04-21-09-16-27.png

    The above screen usage would average out at 37 and a half minutes every day, which would be a little low for myself personally. However we need to remember the phone still has 20% battery left. The battery stats above have been taken by my Mum, as i purchased the phone for her. I think for myself personally who would use the phone a lot more, the phone would easily manage two days of heavy usage with battery to spare.

    Even then at two days which i think it would last a power user, that's still amazing and significantly longer than my current Galaxy Nexus, which just about gets me through the day with two hours screen on time.


    (Screenshots above are from my current Galaxy Nexus)

    As you can see the battery life on my Galaxy Nexus is not pretty compared to the Moto G, however the Galaxy Nexus has probably been recharged close to 1000 times over the last two and a half years. Even so i remember when i got the phone it never managed more than a day with around 3 hours screen on time at the very most.

    To sum up for £100ish you are going to get a fantastic phone which will just keep going. Your average person who would use the phone, but not to the extremes is going to see the phone last for days. I think power users who use the phone all the time, are easily going to see 2+ days usage before the phone needs a charge.

    The Moto G is easily the best budget smartphone at the moment, for £100 you really are getting a nice device with fantastic performance and incredible battery life. I must say im honestly tempted to get a Moto G to replace my Galaxy Nexus as its a comparable spec, and will last forever on battery, meaning i could easily use the phone all day and not have to worry about the battery at all.

    For me personally the one letdown is the camera, as i mentioned its not bad, however as someone who loves a good camera on a phone i would just like it to be a bit better. Keeping in mind the price though i really do think the Moto G is the perfect phone for the average person, or even the power user who understands you do not need the highest spec of everything in a phone now for day to day usage.

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