Need help ESV Skyrim legd edition castle vokiniar door wont open

Discussion in 'Gaming Hangout' started by Joseph Kemp, Jun 30, 2019.

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    Jun 30, 2019
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    i have tryed and tryed to get into castle vokiniar you know lord harkons castle so i can finich the bloodlines quest with serana and start with the next one in line after it but my efferts have been unfrutful i mean everythimg gos great until i get between the two midle gargoyal statues you know ( if you have played the dawngarde dlc) serana says her lines and the gate garde says his lines and the gate lifts and the enter the castle emoge comes up over the door but low and behold i get next to the door and the door will not open!!!! nothing / notta / zip!!!!!!! then serana gos and leans on the wall just beside the gate keeper and thats right where i just get stuck every time over and over agian . can someone please help me fix this so i can enjoy esvs agian ( ps i have had my xbox 360 and esvs for about two months now and i was at level 76 with all the fixins before i listened to my frend and reset my system)

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