Need help picking the best Smart TV (37-40inch) in UK

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    Hello All,

    I've pretty much had the same TV for the past 6 years, it's a simple 37inch Samsung which does 720p. It's been fine for all this time as the Xbox 360 and TV shows it's used for only really push it to 720p. However with the Xbox One on it's way, and my TV Shows / Movies increasing becoming 1080p I think it's time for an upgrade.

    Now I'll be honest, I havent followed TV Tech for years so I am really out of date on what to 'look' for in TV purchase.

    I know Smart TV's are all the rage now, and as far as I can see the best two SMART devices to go for is one with either Google TV or a Samsung as they support Apps like Plex out of the box, as well as catch up services like iPlayer, 4oD.

    Also Freeview HD built in as is standard is a requirement (as you may have guessed by now, It's for the UK).

    I've currently got a 37 inch which just fits in the enclosure with about an inch gap at the top, I'm also realistic that TV's now are a lot slimmer (this has like a 2 inch edge around the screen as well as a big stand, therefore its likely I can fit from 37inch to 39-40inch into the space it needs to go.

    I'm not sure what display tech I should be going for, IPS? Is getting 3D worthwhile? If so, what 3D mode is the one to go for that will support Xbox 360 / Xbox One?

    Miracast which is like the Universal non-vendor specific version of AirPlay (which I use a lot on my Apple TV), do TV's have this yet?

    The future of this TV will effectively be for Freeview HD, Catch Up TV Services, Xbox One and Plex. It also need a life span of around 5 years as I tend to worry more about my PC Monitor Size that I do my TV which is just for TV in Bed and Xbox.

    If anyone has any suggestions, or just some general feedback on what I should be looking for in a TV please let me know.

    Currently I'm quite interested in:

    Cheers! :)
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    I'm assuming you found your TV from an earlier FB post of yours I read? If so which one did you go for? Could be helpful for someone else thinking of upgrading their TV. I also am a bit behind on current TV tech (prob 2 years) but I have got an LED and am very happy with it. I have a little experience with smart TVs but I'm not bothered about that tech, or TVs being wireless as I just use my PS3 or Xbox 360 for catch up. My main problem is I need about 3 or 4 HDMI ports but most TVs nowadays come with 2 as standard :( As for 3D I'm not personally bothered about it. Some TV channels are beginning to stop showing 3D content as they don't get enough viewing figures anymore.
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    Smart TVs are over expensive. You could just get a 1080p TV that has USB and use something like Chromecast in order to make it a SmartTV. That TV also requires a dongle for the Wifi to work, so if you plan on getting that TV, don't forget the dongle. Though I do recommend taking a little bit of time to see if Chromecast or other devices like the Chromecast to see if you're interested in taking that route.

    As far as 3D, some 360 games use it well while others make the game look horrible. Crysis 2 used the 3D well while Gears 3 looked absolutely terrible. I believe that any 3D TV would support Xbox 360/One. When using 3D, make sure you're using an HDMI that can support 3D. They're fairly cheap to buy online, i'd never buy them in a store.

    TVs with a higher Hz displays more frames per second, which is good but you'll never need a TV that is over 120Hz as 120Hz = 120 frames per second. LED TVs are your best bet.

    I would never go for a plasma TV. Their colors can be a little more vibrant but they also get screen burns, which means if your game is paused (or movie) it will burn that image into the screen. They usually go away fairly quickly but still annoying.

    Since you're wanting to use it with an Xbox 360/One get a TV that has a game mode. Bigger TVs have a slower sync rate. Some TVs are over 100ms off, which having that kind of delay can make critical moments in multiplayer gaming go awry and can cause an overall blur when gaming, making it look bad. TVs with a game mode reduce the amount of ms that you get, providing a clearer picture and a better multiplayer experience.

    I don't know about TV apps as I never had the need for them but if you have any other questions about TVs, chances are I can give you a bit of help.

    Or maybe I was a little to late to suggest. Oops

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