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    Feb 15, 2020
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    I spent many happy hours here some years ago and enjoyed much information sharing.
    I return researching Kinect on Windows 7 issues.

    I refuse to give up Win7 no matter what Bellevue decides. It is one of the most stable, and thus, one of the most stable Windows that Microsoft has produced.

    They may destroy the hooks to the kernel and all their other nonsense but the Kinect sensor and the SDK's created to interface to W7 are relatively flawless! Besides which, the XBox360 Kinects are practically being given away in swap shops, 2nd hand stores and consignment shops.

    This is a prime example of the overused call to Microsoft: "If it ain't broken, Don't break it!"

    comments and outreach are most welcome!

    Evan Evans i.e. Cymraeg Palantir
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    Yorkshire, England
    The Kinect was pretty good, i've still got one hooked up to my Xbox One. However beyond saying "Xbox Pause" and "Xbox Play" to it i've never really used it at all which is a shame.

    I did enjoy Kinect Sports and Kinect Adventures on the 360 though.

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