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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by InsaneNutter, May 12, 2018.

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    I don’t know if its just me, however I really am struggling to get in to new series these days. Is it just me? or are TV series not as good as they we're a few years ago?

    At one point I always had a new series lined up to watch. However, for the last couple of years it just seems less and less interests me and the series which do are short or have since got cancelled.

    Maybe if I list the shows I've truly loved someone might have some hidden gems to recommend me?

    If I had to list my favourite series these would be:
    • 24
    • Designated Survivor
    • Heroes
    • Homeland
    • House
    • Lost
    • Person of Interest
    • Prison Break
    • Quantico
    • Suits
    • The Orville (New, however nothing has made me laugh like this series has in a long time)
    • The Grand Tour
    • Top Gear

    Without listing everything I’ve ever watched over the years, these are some other series I have really enjoyed. I wouldn't say these are all-time favourites, however some are pretty close:
    • American Dad
    • Blind Spot
    • Colony
    • Continuum
    • Family Guy
    • Las Vegas
    • Leverage
    • Star Trek: Discovery
    • Star Trek: The Next Generation
    • Star Trek: Voyager
    • South Park
    • The Big Bang Theory
    • The FBI Files
    • The Inbetweeners
    • The IT Crowd
    • The Last Ship
    • Veronica Mars

    Recently I’ve tried various random series on Netflix, but just couldn’t get in to any of them after watching a few of episodes:
    • Dynasty
    • Money Heist (This was ok, I might watch a couple more episodes)
    • Mr Robot
    • The Crown
    • The Expanse
    • The Punisher

    So based on the shows I like can anyone recommend any series I might enjoy that i've not already tried?
    I am kind of fussy with series, but based on what I like you could say I enjoy a good thriller series, or series with a good spy, mystery or crime related element with a story that continues throughout the season.

    As much as I enjoy certain Star Trek series but i'm not massively in to sci-fi, stuff like Star Gate I was never interested in. I'll probably have no interest in any Marvel related series.

    I'm fussy with series, however suggestions are welcome :)
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    I love Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul! I would recommend thoes!
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    If you really enjoyed Veronica Mars, the same people that made it are currently making another show called iZombie. While the name is terrible, I cannot vouch for the show enough, especially the end of the first season. The first two seasons of the show are some of the best television I've ever seen, especially on the budget that it was done on. The show constantly keeps you on your toes.
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