Nike+ Fuelband SE Review: Great Band, Broken Service

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    When Nike announced the new fuelband with the great promise of improved accuracy and sessions support it sounded like a great idea. I like many jumped on the bandwagon thinking that once again Nike was going to take the wearable fitness tech world by storm again like the original Fuelband but my god I was wrong.

    While the hardware is top notch, it’s let down by Nike’s inability to work to code a functional backend service to support the device. I should note before getting a Fuelband SE, I had an original Fuelband with no problems for over a year, the Nike+ service functioned perfectly with it, however that quickly changed since connecting the Fuelband SE to my Nike+ account. I’m going to document the three (still unresolved) issues below which I am having in hope that other’s will learn of the issues with the Fuelband SE and at the same time Nike will listen with them being out in the open.

    My pain with Nike+’s support team ranges from over 30 Tweets back and forth, multiple emails and even an hour long international phone call to the US. Each time with promises they are going to look into it and to hold tight. On each occasion the issue is never solved and just ignored and has been going on for over a month. At one point a member of staff at Nike on twitter said ‘It’s a known problem, hold tight’ that was weeks ago. My account is in shambles now and no one at Nike care’s or is willing to fix it which hurt. How they could go from having one of the best fitness products out to this broken service now I do not know. But for some reason, I hold out hope in the long run that one day, just one day someone from Nike Support will actually help and fix up the service not just for my account, but anyone else still affected.

    Nike+ System out of Sync and Achievements Broken

    As of today, my iOS application tells me I have 3900 NikeFuel, my Fuelband itself says I have 4500, and the Website says I have 5800. What the actual hell? To top it off, both the website and iOS application say I have unlocked 50 new awards today for completing sessions on the weekend and during week days. Looks like yet again all my sessions have been reset and all achievements re-unlocked. It’s making my account look like a total mess and ruined the entire point of achievements.

    I also have the ‘Get to Green every day of the year’ achievement unlocked four times, now the Fuelband has only been out for 2 years, and the achievement just 4 months or so. Yet somehow I have it four times. But rest assured, I haven't got the acheivements for going green for one week, a fortnight, 30/30, half century or full century of green. Nor have any 'Beat the Clock' acheivements like earning 1500 between 11am and 1pm unlocked either...

    The entire system is broken, and this happens on a daily bases. There is zero point in trying to track your day to day activity when the system is as broken as this.

    Nike+ Sessions lose their intensity

    I found out that all my old sessions have been reset and their intensity's set back to 'Original' from either Medium or All Out. This affects every session pre January 16th.

    Update: Since today, I’ve found it’s cleared out every session again so it’s a continuously rolling bug. One of the sessions ‘Cycling’ I did while on the phone to a Nike+ support operator from the US which was just me shaking the fuelband in my hand for a minute and recording it as a cycling session with medium intensity. They then checked the backend to check it recorded for ‘troubleshooting’. They confirmed it was recorded successfully and the intensity was locked so it wouldn't change again. Guess what, a day later its reset itself.

    It shows on both the website (tried different browsers and devices so it's not a cache issue) as well as the iOS application (I've logged out, uninstalled the app and reinstalled it many times) so the bug is actually in the data their Nike+ service holds.

    This now means I have Sessions with 120 or so Fuel earnt which were around the 600 mark before. I don't know how this has happened, but I'm unable to edit them back correctly as they are over 7 days old.

    It's completely messed up my Averages as well as my Fuel for the time period in question and I don't get how the system has suddenly 'lost' the saved sessions with set intensity (it's not as if I can edit it, as once you set the intensity its locked forever, and the intensity was set shortly after the activity as per the 8 hour limit).

    This has completely ruined my experience and made this fuelband nothing more than a £130 paper weight.

    I'm beyond disappointing with Nike on this whole issue, the fuelband is a great piece of hardware but the software/service (Nike+) to go with it has been total shambles since the Fuelband SE was released and the team behind it need to get the web service up to par.

    Nike+ Sessions inconsistent between Website and iOS Application

    I've found quite a big bug on the Nike+ Website which needs some urgent attention from a customer experience point of view.

    I use the Nike+ Session feature on my Fuelband SE, after I've gone for a cycle with my Mountain Bike I usually identify the session and the intensity with the iPhone application. However on this one occasion I decided to do it on the website as I was already looking at my profile. It seemed simple enough, I selected Mountain Biking from the list and the sport verified.

    It appears the system decided to roll it up separately (The blue one being the one I did on the website, and the Green being the two I did on my iPhone). This doesn't seem right at all and messes up someone’s chart of Activity.

    I then loaded up the trusty iPhone application to see how it handled it, and even worse I got the below:

    The Mountain_Biking one on the list appears to be the one filled in on the website, however the corretly written one 'Mountain Biking' is the one filled on the iPhone application.

    Sadly I cannot fix this, as I'm locked out as I set the intensity of the work out. I would rather not see this horrible bug everytime I load up the application or website to see my result. :(

    Secondly, and I guess more concerning for all the Nike+ users is this bug in general. On the website, it appeared as Mountain Biking (without the underscore) and was recommended option after I typed in 'Mount'. From a usability point of view this is a terrible experience and means that you can either use the website or the iPhone app but if you attempt to use both then it will likely mess up your session charts.


    All together, I'm worn out and at my last legs. I've reported every issue to Nike's support and seem to be getting no where. As a consumer, I feel I'm fighting way too much just to get the service working as expected. What originally started as a great product has become a stressful experience to say the least. I personally expected so much better from Nike, especially at the price of the unit. All I've been after is a little bit of support from them and I've got nothing.
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