Nintendo wii goes hd!!!!

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    yes it's the moment that everyone wants to hear the nintendo wii is going hd:D

    The Wii's always been getting a lot of flak from its critics who say that it's not really "next-gen." Well maybe this piece of news will keep them quiet. According to a report from What They Play, the second generation Wii will be closer to "next-gen," and "far more than a simple refresh of current hardware." For now, it's given the nickname "Wii HD."

    According to their sources, it seems that Wii HD will have HD visuals, and a "greater emphasis on digitally distributed and backwardly compatible content." That last one suggests that Wii HD might actually have a hard drive or a large flash memory solution.

    The report hails the transition to the second generation as similar to how the original Game Boy jumped to the Game Boy Advance.

    Previous reports from other sources suggested that Nintendo is also looking to holographic data storage for its next console. This kind of tech can hold anywhere from 300 GB to 1.6 TB. Nintendo also revealed before that they are working on a Wii storage solution, although they didn't say if it was for this generation or the second generation. If they're working on it now though, chances are we'll see it on Wii HD.

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