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    Hay guys, Brett here. (brett616 as some of you may know me from the old days of the digiex minecraft server)
    i still play alot of minecraft and u have been playing on a serevr i found called regax (this server use to be called nullcraft untill the hosting failed)
    Regex is still a small server but still lovely to play on bring so much to minecraft.
    I'm posting this becuase i hope other digiex minecraft players will want to play on the one server again.

    This server has Two mods Ricktyler8 and fossmonter
    there are most in uni with high skills and a loving heart, they know what there doing when it comes to being a mod just like the admins on the digiex server did.

    Regex is a small SMP server with no greifing and alot of respect. they are just like digiex in almost Always but they don't have the same map, also they don't say SHARKS halfs the time they are on :D (we can most likely change that)

    i think it would be lovly to have the gang back together and so here is the IP

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