Original Xbox games that look better on Xbox 360

Discussion in 'Gaming Hangout' started by Rockman, Feb 22, 2014.

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    I personally don't like to play OX games on my 360 because the backwards compatibility specifically only plays some games on Microsoft's list any other and it doesn't work.

    So anyway, yesterday I decided to play Conker on my Xbox 360 and the graphics looked really nice, for example Conker is really furry as well as other characters plus the controls work pretty smoothly as for the voice acting it's what you'd expect from a quality game, comedic with some curse words. :P

    Conker: Bad Fur Day is definitely a game that every Original Xbox owner should own because it's simply one of the best games out there for OX and 360, and also a lot cheaper than getting a hold of the N64 cartridge (£60 for the cart only? damn!).
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    The really sad thing is this game was awesome, but they released it at the wrong time and on the wrong platform. As far as I remember it came out either just after (or before) the Xbox 360 launch so all the sort of gamer's who would likely consider it, moved on. Which is a shame, as its not only a fantastic remake of the N64 game's campaign but has some awesome Xbox Live multiplayer.

    It's one game that would have been a perfect for re-release on Xbox 360 (or with today's situation, it's something it be nice for them to put on the Xbox One Digital Game store). So many people skipped over it, that it could do with a second wind.
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    I swear conker came out a year or two before the 360, since i remember playing it a decent while before the 360 game out. Though, i never owned the game, and i've never finished it, which is disappointing.

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