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OutRun Online Arcade Xbox Live Arcade Download (Delisted from XBLA)

Discussion in 'Delisted Marketplace Content' started by InsaneNutter, Apr 6, 2011.

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    About the game:

    In OutRun Online Arcade, the player navigates a car from a rear third-person perspective to race through a selection of fifteen stages. At the end of each stage, the player is presented with a fork in the road that allows the player to choose one of two stages. The left route presents an easier stage, while the right provides a greater challenge. The game times the player's performance, and passing through checkpoints award the player with extra time. Once the timer reaches zero or the player completes the race, the game ends.

    On October 13, 2010, Sega announced that OutRun Online will be removed from Xbox Live Arcade in December 2011 due to the expiration of their contract with Ferrari. The game was removed on December 31st 2011.


    Download OutRun Online Arcade

    How to use / play / unlock / additional information:

    This game will work as the trial game on any Xbox 360, it can however be unlocked to work as the full game for Jtag hacked Xbox 360's using YarisSwap.

    More information on delisted Xbox Live Arcade games

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