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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by InsaneNutter, May 9, 2016.

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    Has anyone been playing the Overwatch beta? it's an upcomming FPS By Blizzard which you could say is a bit like Team Fortress 2, however a lot more fun!
    Team work is essential in the game, your kinda forced in to it if you want any chance of doing ok.

    I've only had chance to play a couple of games as i didnt find out about the beta until late yesterday evening, however I quite enjoyed it.

    He're some gameplay footage my Xbox One recorded, as you can see I was hiding behind the big guy and his shield, picking off the guys he couldn't as we were progressing the payload to it's destination.


    It's certainly nice to have a lighthearted FPS game on the Xbox One, after 7 games Halo has become a bit stale and Gears of War been on its 5th game is a bit repetitive now in my opinion.

    Overwatch certainly has potential to be something good, plus all new content will be free which i think is a great move. I've always hated how DLC divides a games player base in two for the sake of a couple of maps.

    The beta ends on the 10/05/16 so you still have time to try it out if you wish: https://playoverwatch.com/en-us/blog/20100169/
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    Finally noticed this thread. I was playing the beta quite a bit on PC along with a couple of friends. Although i'm probably gonna wait for awhile until I buy this game since what's in the Beta is what will be available at launch. Blizzard said they're actively working on new content so i'll probably wait for the new content before picking it up.
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    Seems overwatch is going to be competitor game to old esport classics like lol and counterstrike, and maybe the ultimativo esport game for consoles even playstation or xbox where destiny is still dominating.
    We have created a community for LFG search on overwatch, also for consoles so if you guys are looking for a team.. ;)

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