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  1. What is Perfect Dark: Source
    Perfect Dark: Source is Source (engine) 2006 mod based on original Perfect Dark with Perfect Dark Zero like graphics. Unfortunately it's now abandoned by devs and mostly by players.
    How to install Perfect Dark: Source
    1) Get Steam (you don't need to buy any game)
    2) Install Source SDK Base 2006
    3) Get Beta 1.1686 full patch from
    4) Get Patch beta 1.1730 from the same site
    5) Install beta 1.1686
    6) Install Patch beta 1.1730
    7) Relaunch Steam
    8) Go to Library/Installed
    9) You should see "Perfect Dark Source"
    10) launch it
    11) It will launch intro video and then hang. Just wait and you should get title screen
    12) DONE! (you can join last working server:
    How to fix developer console crashing game
    1) Enable: Options/Keyboard/Advanced/Enable developer console (~ )
    2) Shut down game
    3) Go to (place, where you installed PD: Source)\steamapps\sourcemods\pdark\cfg\config.cfg (on my computer it was C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\sourcemods\pdark\cfg\config.cfg)
    4) Find line 'bind "`" "toggleconsole"'
    5) Change it to 'bind "f5" "toggleconsole"'
    6) You should be able to launch console with F5
    7) If it does not work, do it again. It's possible, that game overwrote settings. For security you can add the same line (bind "f5" "toggleconsole") to bottom of config.cfg

    If someone wants, i can provide tutorial, how to install Valve Hammer Editor (also Source SDK) for PD: S. (it's slightly harder)


    BTW: What does this map represent? (name of map is small hint)
    And yes, it will be new map for PD: S! New after 11 years (mod was first released in 2006)
    If you want to play PD: S with me, send me PM and use last working PD: S server (
    Please note, that you don't have to buy Half-Life 2: Deathmatch or anything else (both Source SDK and Source SDK base 2006 is free). Game runs fine without it!

    Also difference between Source SDK and Source SDK base:
    Source SDK BASE is "runtime" for your mod (it runs downloaded mod)
    Source SDK is modding tool to create mods for Source Engine (Perfect Dark: Source runs on Half-Life 2: Episode One engine also known as Source 2006)

  2. About 1/10 of my map is done.
    Can you spot something weird?
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  3. That map was pretty big and unoptimized (when i was starting making it, i had no idea what's optimization), so i will try to create much smaller and more optimized map (almost everybody liked Felicity, which was also small)
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