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    Goal of this thread is to help with the following:
    - How to use your SD Media Launcher
    - A place to get everything you need in one thread (Downloads)
    - How to take your Gamecube apart.
    - Show you how to do the Laser "POT" Tweak and How much to Tweak it, is based on your model of your Gamecube.

    So lets get started!:

    How to use your SD Media Launcher

    Step 1: Ordering your SD Media Launcher

    Well first you have to order your SD Media Launcher from Datel
    You have two choices

    Does not matter which one you get.

    Order it and it should take a 10 days or less to get to you.

    Step 1 1.5: Getting your DVD-R

    While you wait go get some Mini-DVD-R (THEY MUST BE DVD-R)
    Top Mini-DVD-R are:
    Ritek Ridata Mini DVD-R 4x (Really popular)
    FujiFilm DVD-R (Worked really well for me)
    DVD-R CMC (Heard good thing about it)

    To the Picture [​IMG]

    A good price for Mini-DVD-R should be around 50 Cents - 60 Cents a Disk. A good place to buy your Disk from:

    Replacement Top is another way to go if you don't want to trouble yourself with the Mini-DVD-R. Just get DVD-R and it should work the same way.

    Step 3: Your Package Arrives

    When it arrives it should look like this:
    To the Picture [​IMG]

    A SD Media Launcher
    SD Card Reader
    1gb or 2gb SD Card
    The User Manual
    SD Media Launcher Disk (Its inside the user manual)

    Step 4: Downloading the GCOS

    GCOS = GameCube Operating System
    Download the most recent version of GcoS (Currently 1.X beta). You can get 1.X beta from GCOS 1.X Beta. Or get the 1.5 GcoS from here GCOS 1.5. Extract it to a folder. I had more luck the with 1.5 so I am using the 1.5 on my Media Launcher.

    Step 5: Putting your GCOS on your SD Card

    Plug in the USB 2.0 Card Reader and the SD card.
    When your computer reads the SD Card, Drag and drop the GCOS to your SD card.
    File Name:
    If you are going to use version 1.5, then the file name will be: GCoS 1.5 (PSO).dol
    If you are going to use version 1.X Beta, then the file name will be:

    Step 5: In to the Media Launcher.

    Unplug it and take the SD card and put it in to the Media Launcher.

    To The Picture [​IMG]

    Step 6: Putting your Gamecube game Back-up on a disk.

    Before burning make sure your Back-up Rip should exactly read 1,459,978,240 bytes.(1.35GB) It does not matter if its a 50MB game. If it is not that size, that game will not work, but you can use a program called: Wiped GCM Fixer 1.5 (This program will help make it to that size.) If the back-up is a .gmc file just rename it to .iso.

    Download here: Wiped GCM Fixer 1.5

    Finding a back up of your game is one step you have to do on your own. But when you find that back-up you should use a program called Imgburn. Its free and very easy to use, + It works!
    Download Here: Imgburn
    Imgburn: 2x Speed Burning

    If you are a Nero user: Extract your iso and burn it with Nero. If you get a .gcm file, rename it to .iso and burn away with Nero. I had some problems with Nero but when I reburned it with Imgburn it worked.
    Nero: 2x Speed Burning

    Step 7: In to the Gamecube

    Now Plug in the Media Launcher in to memory card slot 1 or slot 2.

    Then put the Media Launcher Disk in to the Gamecube.

    To the Picture [​IMG]

    Step 8: Turning it on

    Turn on the gamecube. You will see the SD Media Launcher screen pretty quick. Now you should be at the main screen. Select the GcoS 1.5(PSO).dol file and press start or if you are using Version GCOS 1.X Beta: click on gcos1.x.dol. and let it load.

    To the Picture [​IMG]

    To the Picture [​IMG]

    Step 9: GCOS

    Now you should be at the GcoS main menu. Select the Boot Game option, from here on in it's pretty simple. It will tell you to swap your game so open up the lid and put in your backup. After this, it will detect the game, and give you 3 loading options.

    To the Picture [​IMG]

    To the Picture [​IMG]

    -If your backup is the same region (PAL or NTSC) as your gamecube, just choose the Autodetect Region function (Press A)

    - If your backup is differently region coded than your gamecube (IE PAL game NTSC Gamecube) force loading for the region of your gamecube (X or Y depending on your region, IE if you have a PAL gamecube force load as PAL).

    Step 10: Have Fun!

    Step 10.5
    (NOT ALWAYS NECESSARY): Did you follow this tutorial to ever step, yet you have one of the following problems:

    * Game Wont Boot
    * Game TOC Loads, but fails to boot (You get the Cube setup screen)
    * Onscreen Error "Can't read disc, etc" (Most Common)
    * Onscreen Error "Refer to instruction manual, etc"
    * Random Game Freezes
    * Choppy Movie Playback
    * Black Screen of Death


    It could be due to many things, DVD-R Quality, Burner Type/Speed, Laser POT Adjustment etc. Check out the following link to solve that problem.


    - The Mini DVD-R I used was Fujifilm DVD-R
    - The burner I used was Pioneer DVR-108 Firmware 1.20 MOD (100% Success Rate)
    - Other Burner Samsung TSSTCorp TS-H652L (0% Success Rate)
    - Other Burner Plextor PX-708A (33% Success Rate)

    Next Part to this Tutorial

    Laser POT Adjustment
    This helped me play all my games. It makes the laser stronger so it reads your back-up copies much better.
    I will only link to places so you are able to get the information better.

    First you need to know how to take your Gamecube apart, by going here:
    When on the site look on the left and find Guides and Tutorials and click on "Taking apart the cube"

    When you learn how to take apart your gamecube, click on this link for step by step information on adjusting your POT.

    POT Tutorial

    This next link will tell you how much other users adjust their POT:

    How much To Adjust

    NOTE: Lower the number stronger the Laser
    NOTE: The average for most system is 200 ohms
    NOTE: The lower the Ohms, The lower the life of your laser

    Download Links:
    GCOS 1.X: GCOS 1.X
    GCOS 1.5: GCOS 1.5
    ImgBurn: Imgburn
    Wiped GCM Fixer 1.5: Wiped GCM Fixer 1.5
    GameCube Game Ripper: Gamecube Game Ripper
    NEW: GCMUtility(Makes Multi Game Disk):GCMUtility

    BTW: This isn't my Tutorial, Neither is the pictures,
    I got this from a site. So give thnxx to Afterdawn!

    Oh yeah and you know da hand in da pic. It ain't mine *eughhhh*

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