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    Have you ever used a plugin or script like Plex-Sync or PlexPy (Now known as Tautulli) which has required your Plex Token? If so, this really quick step by step guide will show you how to safely get access to your Plex Web Token which can then be used in Apps to authenticate into your Plex Server without needing your Username and Pass.

    Step 1: Connecting to Plex Web

    Browse to and sign in if you have not. Once singed in, click 'Launch' to launch the Plex Web Interface which is at the top right.

    Plex Token - Plextv.png

    Step 2: Accessing Token

    Using the Plex Web Interface, connect to your own Plex Server or one you have full permissions on. Then browse to any media file you have on it. Click on it (for a Movie, just click on the Movie, for a TV Show make sure to keep clicking till you have selected an actual Episode). Once there, click on the three dots to bring the drop down, down and then select 'Get Info' like so:

    Plex Token - Get Info.png

    A pop up will appear like the one below. Click on the 'Get XML' Icon:

    Plex Token - Get XML.png

    Click it, and the XML will open in your Web Browser like below:

    Plex Token - XML.png

    Step 3: Token

    The Token is now infront of you. If you click the address bar and scroll to the right, you now have your Plex Token for the Username signed into Plex Web presented to you like below:

    Plex Token - URL.png

    Job done! Put the Token into the App you need, and you will authenticate with ease.
    Your token can be used to access ANY Plex Server which your Plex User has access to.
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