Point of view 9500 GT review

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by paardje, Jan 15, 2010.

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    Here's my review of the Point of view 9500 GT! Well, what can I say about it? This graphics card has DVI - HDMI - VGA ports and boasts a impressive 1 GB internal memory. Just plug it into a PCI Express port and you are ready to rumble. I tried it to get it on 3DMARK and it gave 3166 Marks... which is also quite impressive! You could overclock it but because the card is brandnew: not now. Maybe later, heh! He can even take on Crysis, and takes DirectX 10 till 11 with ease. It's SLi compatible so you can link 2 cards to get even better grafix. Installing in Windows 7 goes verrrrrrry easily: 7 downloads even the drivers for ya! No need for the disc, which is included with the grafixcard. And the price of the card is also very low, around $80,-


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