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Pokemon Colosseum and Pokémon XD Yami no Kaze Dark Lugia Japanese Save

Discussion in 'User Playthrough Saves' started by KANTO LOVER, Feb 5, 2023.


    KANTO LOVER Member

    Feb 4, 2023
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    As i got motivated from the Japanese HG catridge i purcahsed to complete the japanese version of these games using OT name of Japanese HG save file i posted earlier.

    Download Pokemon Colosseum and Pokémon XD Yami no Kaze Dark Lugia Japanese Save

    ALL Story and side quest is completed in both games,All shadows pokemons of both games are snagged and captured in their respective games,in pokemon colosseum even that three rare E-reader pokemon that are scanneing to e-reader cards that has only been released in japan are also snagged and purified and all 3 e-reader pokemons that are caught are shinies obtained to shiny hunted

    MATTLE Battle(battle mode) in pokemon colosseum is saved after completing 99th battle,you need to complete 100th battle to get MATTLE HOHO and in Pokemon XD all jhoto starters are obtained after completing Mattle battle.Ageto celebi from pokemon japanese bonus disk obtained in pokemon colosseum,Orre colosseum and Battle cd's completed in pokemon XD,Also starter of pokemon XD evee is shiny which is shiny hunted inspired from the heartgold save file shiny evvelutions i founnd and shiny Duking Larvitar which was also shiny hunted.

    Extra competitive pokemons are traded from gba i breeded ,and a shiny modest nature deoxy obtained through rnging to both irrespective games for completeing Oree challenge and MT.battle challenge,yeah japanes version of these save are limited in online,so i created 2 completed save of these games,i hope all of you enjoy this saves


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