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Pokemon Silver Japanese To English Fan Translation By Vida Translations v10.8 Download

Discussion in 'Other Pokemon Downloads' started by Professor Oak, Aug 11, 2022.

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    Jan 3, 2017
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    About this fan translation:

    This is a fan translation of the Japanese version of Pocket Monsters Jin (Pokemon Silver) to English by Vida Translations. What is special about this is the translation was initially released almost a year before Pokemon Silver had an official English release in any region, allowing Pokemon fans with an understanding of English to much easily play though the game.

    The translation was classed as near enough 100% finished in the final 10.8 release, which is what we have for download here.

    Why re-upload this 22 years later?

    For the same reasons mentioned in the Pokemon Gold Japanese To English Fan Translation By PR Translations post, I think this is part of Pokemon history for some fans. These fan translations allowed fans at the time to experience the next instalment of Pokemon games well over a year before the official localised releases would eventually happen in some parts of the world, so its interesting to look back on a more simple time in the Pokemon universe.


    Pokemon Silver Japanese To English Fan Translation By Vida Translations v10.8 Download (ROM)
    Pokemon Silver Japanese To English Fan Translation By Vida Translations v10.8 Download (Original IPS Patch)

    The 10.8 translation was released on 23/07/2000


    pokemon-silver-japan-vida-translations-1.png pokemon-silver-japan-vida-translations-2.png pokemon-silver-japan-vida-translations-3.png pokemon-silver-japan-vida-translations-4.png pokemon-silver-japan-vida-translations-5.png pokemon-silver-japan-vida-translations-6.png
    pokemon-silver-japan-vida-translations-7.png pokemon-silver-japan-vida-translations-8.png pokemon-silver-japan-vida-translations-9.png pokemon-silver-japan-vida-translations-10.png pokemon-silver-japan-vida-translations-11.png pokemon-silver-japan-vida-translations-12.png

    Project progress from archived Vida Trans website (vidatranslations.cjb.net / vidatrans.pgamers.com):

    1) Wakaba Town(*DONE*)
    2) Yoshin Town(*DONE*)
    3) Kickyou City(*DONE*)
    4) Hiwanda Town(*DONE*)
    5) Kogane City(*DONE*)
    6) Enju City(*DONE*)
    7) Asagi City(*DONE*)
    8) Tanba City(*DONE*)
    9) Choji City(*DONE*)
    10)Fusube City(*DONE*)
    11)Pokemon League(*DONE*)
    12)Pallet Town(*DONE*)
    13)Viridian City(*DONE*)
    14)Pewter City(*DONE*)
    15)Cerulean and Celadon City(*DONE*)
    16)Lavender Town(*DONE*)
    17)Saffron City(*DONE*)
    18)Vermilion City(*DONE*)
    19)Fuchsia City(*DONE*)
    20)Cinnibar Island(*DONE*)
    24)PokeDex(*DONE : 251 out of 251*)
    26)Pokemon Names and Status Chart(*DONE*)
    27)Opponents' Names(*DONE*)
    28)Battle Menus(*DONE*)
    29)MISC Stuffs(*DONE*)
    30)Bugs Solving(*100%*)


    Archived Vida Trans Website - 24th August 2000

    Archived Pokemon Silver Translation Info
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