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    What o what can I say to this game: dude, you just promoted yourself to Game of the Year! It's that awesome. Kinda longer than part 1, but hey, what gives? The fun is back, the humour is back (WHEATLEY!!!!) and ofcourse killer-in-the-know: good old GLAdOS! And did she! More hateful than ever, more meaner than ever... but is she?

    Let's move on: you are back at Aperture science, for... how many years? The place is crumbling and you are saved by Wheatley who tries to rescue you... (well, trying...?) and so it's time again to pick up your trusty portal gun and to portal yourself thru many many tests.

    New is the multiplayer, it picks up where the solo player mode stops. So when you thought the game ended, it just gives you MORE... for science, you monsters!

    RATING: 10! (and I mean it!)
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