Pre-release 1.8: Creative Feedback

Discussion in 'Digiex Minecraft Server' started by Nimrod, Sep 10, 2011.

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    For those who are playing in our Pre-release 1.8 Demo Server:- (Hint, find a pre-release 1.8 client and Skype an Admin/Mod/Oldie - most of us are already in it.)

    Please provide feedback, experience and ideas regarding the Creative Mode in this thread. Ideas include things you like, things you want blocked and so fourth, once the Final Creative World joins the Digiex Server.

    My personal Feedback:-
    I find this mode boring, however i suspect a lot of other people will love this mode ;)

    However, one thing I totally disliked was this one left click could instantly destroy any block. To me, this seems far to open to grief, and the world could be butchered within a month or so when its that easy to smash things. Within 10 seconds, you can dig from the top of the world, to beyond the bedrock to the void (yes, bedrock can be smashed with one click to). It would be a griefers dream, within say 30 minutes, they could have destroyed everyones work. For that reason, I suggest when we had Creative Mode, we look into if theres some way to block this, and make people have to dig/mine like usual. This hasnt been a problem before for Admins or Server builders, who had had item spawning in the current 1.7 server.

    Also Regarding Fly Mod, it does seem to take away any of the challenges of building, perhaps its worth considering turning this off, and making it a Donator / Oldie or something perk?

    Also for the technical minded, I may suggest we don't use Notch's Creative Mode, and instead use Bukkit Multiworld, with Per World Inventories and Item Spawning (Via /Give, and Free Signs). That way people can visit Creative world, spawn items on demand, then go back to the mainworld without there items, and the one click block smash problem would be gone away as well. (Even if we used Notchs Creative Mode, we would still need Per world Inventorys to stop people bringing items back out of Creative mode to normal Survival.)
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    I dont dislike anything in creative mode but i do agree with the flying permissions. I also think they should be a perk or say for if oyur doing a big building and an admin allows it for that minute or somthing. Still think we should use notchs Creative mode but if theres no way of turning of fly/inventories then use mods that all add up to creative mode but isnt :P

    Edit: Changing my opinion on flying after building things today, I think we should let flying since thats why its on 1.8 and it will really help us build the larger buildings.
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    I like creative as it is, and personally wouldn't change it, and Although I would mind flying being disabled, I wouldnt mind it too much (I still say flying should be enabled). I also enjoy notch's easy to use spawning GUI, and wouldn't change it (unless it is needed to be done in order to allow multiple worlds.)

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