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    Most websites like these are scams, but not PrizeRebel. I have used this site for a few months and managed to get 6 prizes, including some Amazon gift cards and some Steam games. It’s not too hard to use the site, it’s just a simple do a survey, get points site. And if anyone decides to sign up please use my referral link: | Get Free Rewards by Earning Points

    Here are some tips if anybody signs up for the site:

    1.) Use a second browser for PrizeRebel – Simply for management

    2.) Make one or two fake emails – You will get A LOT of spam, so it’s not good to use your real email

    3.) Use a fake name – I do this simply because I don’t want to give my real info to advertisers

    4.) Use a fake address – Get one from because some surveys check for a real address

    5.) Basically make a fake persona – fake birthday, fake phone number etc. You can get all of this from Fake Name Generator

    6.) For download offers – don’t actually install anything use this tutorial instead: Sandboxie Guide

    From there you can start earning points and getting free steam games, giftcards, riot points, anything really!

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