Problem with PSPident 0.75 Not Closing

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  1. I kept messing up the posting with this so here is my problem. I opened PSPident 0.75 I can't do anything to close at all, or even power it down. I'm looking for a solution other than taking the battery out. Here's a picture of the PSP in it's desolate state WIN_20160621_20_43_02_Pro.jpg
    Motherboard Model :TA-095v2
    Motherboard Type : Bright 3001 (09g)
    UMD firmware ver. :1.300
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    Hold the power switch up for several seconds to do a complete shutdown of the PSP rather than sleep mode.
  3. I did now and it doesn't power off completely after over 5 seconds of holding the power button up so I think I'm forced to take out the battery :( hope it doesn't corrupt anything

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