PS Vista Hacked For Homebrew With The Rejuvenate Hack

Discussion in 'News' started by InsaneNutter, Dec 29, 2016.

By InsaneNutter on Dec 29, 2016 at 3:57 PM
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    Homebrew and emulators are possible on the PS Vita thanks to the Rejuvenate hack. This hack gives access to the native performance and functionality of the PS Vita, rather than running on the PSP emulator which is constrained to the performance of the original PSP.

    The hack has the following requirements:
    • Make sure your PS Vita is on firmware 3.51 or lower. If you have firmware 3.52 or higher, your PS Vita cannot run the Rejuvenate hack
    • You need the PSM Dev Assistant for Unity on your Vita. If you have the PSM Dev Assistant installed on your PS Vita, this will work too.
    • You also need a developer license from PSM+.
    I don't personally own a PS Vita so can't really created a guide for this unfortunately, however if any Digiex members do own a Vita and hack it, we would love to see something posted up if you get the chance!
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Discussion in 'News' started by InsaneNutter, Dec 29, 2016.

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