PS4 Load .bin Payloads Via Netcat How To

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    You might have come across a .bin payload to unlocked some cool new features on your hackable PS4 and wonder how to actually load it. This tutorial will show you and to load a .bin payload that enables the full debug menu on a retail 1.76 PS4.

    For this we will need netcat and a PS4 .bin payload. To keep things easy I have created uploaded a compiled version of netcat by eternallybored that works on Windows and the full PS4 debug payload.

    Lets get started:

    First you should have the PS4 Playground setup on your 1.76 exploitable PS4, if you don't then follow my PlayStation 4 A Beginners Guide To PS4 Hacks and Homebrew Tutorials. This will get you setup with the PS4 playground which will be required for this tutorial.

    Load the PS4 Playground on your PS4 and click the go button under "Code execution", you should see this changes to "Stage: Waiting for payload"


    Now on your PC Download my Netcat PS4 Starter Pack and unzip somewhere, for example C:\PS4


    You should see the nc.exe and fulldebug.bin files

    Now open a Command Prompt and type cd c:\ps4 if you unzipped the nc.exe and fulldebug.bin files to a ps4 folder on the root of your C:\ drive

    Type in the Command Prompt window:

    nc -w 3 9023 < fulldebug.bin

    • - This is the ip address of your PS4, you can find this out from Settings > Network on the PS4 if you don't already know it.
    • fulldebug = this is the .bin payload you wish to the PS4 to load

    Press enter and the payload should be sent to the PS4 and loaded as you can see below:


    That's it you have learned how to send a .bin payload to an exploitable PS4 on the 1.76 firmware.

    In this example we enabled the debug settings which can be found under Settings > * Debug Settings:


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