PS4 Offline Update Using Safe Mode [Update to 1.76]

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    Updating a PlayStation 4 offline using Safe Mode is easy, this can be a benefit as if you have a PS4 on a really old system software version you can update without installing the latest PS4 system update. For example if you have a PS4 on version 1.05 this will allow you to update a PS4 to firmware version 1.76 offline, which can be exploited to run Linux on the PS4.

    Note: Keep in mind you can only install a firmware version equal to what the PS4 is on or higher, this guide will not allow you to downgrade a PS4.

    Updating a PlayStation 4 (PS4) to 1.76:

    First you want to download the Firmware / System Update you wish to upgrade to, Digiex has a selection of PS4 Firmware / System Updates. At the moment i'd recommend you upgrade to PS4 Firmware 1.76 as you can hack this firmware to run Linux on the PS4 and enable the PS4 debug menu, which allow's PKG installation.

    Once you have downloaded the PS4 firmware update you wish to upgrade to, you then need to do the following:

    1. Extract the PS4UPDATE.PUP with WinRAR or another program capable of extracting zip files
    2. On a FAT32 formatted USB memory stick create a folder called PS4, then inside this folder create a folder called UPDATE
    3. Copy the extracted PS4UPDATE.PUP to the USB memory stick in the PS4 > UPDATE folder

    You should now have something that looks like this:


    In this example i'm going to update my PS4 on firmware 1.05 to 1.76:


    Updating the PS4 in Safe Mode:

    1. You now want to boot the PS4 in to safe mode, to access safe mode turn off your PS4 off.
    2. Now hold down the Power button until you hear 2 beeps, this will take around 7 - 8 seconds.
    3. Connect a DualShock 4 controller using the provided USB cable and then press the PS button to access Safe Mode.
    4. You now want to select "Update System Software" from the on screen menu.

    From this menu select "Update from USB Storage Device", I would advise taking out any PS4 game if you happen to have one in the console:


    Next insert the USB drive with the update on we prepared earlier, then select ok:


    The PS4 will scan the USB drive for an update, then display the version of the update it sound on screen. I do like how it displays the version of the update here, meaning you can be 100% sure you downloaded the update you intended to:


    When you press next the PS4 will copy the update file:


    You must accept the agreement when prompted:


    When you click update the PS4 will re start and start the update:


    The PS4 update will be installed, this will take a few minutes:


    After the PS4 will re-start and you will be on the system software version you updated to:


    I hope that has helped you update your PS4 offline.

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