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    I just installed custom firmware on my PSP, I currently have 5.00M33-4. There is so much other custom firmware out there. Which is the best one? I intend to play PSP games, old to new, PS1 games and Homebrew titles.

    I want to also add, I just downloaded Doom PSP, a homebrew that uses the orginal .wad files to work. So far it works great however i cannot seem to access the in game menu during play to save for example. Only who plays this can help me on that


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    When i last used my PSP (October last year), I upgraded to 5.50 Prometheus v2, that would plays games that required the 6.20 firmware. I think at the time this would play all the new games what were out, PS1 game and homebrew all worked fine.

    They appears to be a 6.35 custom firmware now. I'm sure a lot has changed recently with the ability to sign anything to run on the PS3 / PSP. I really dont use my PSP at all anymore so maybe someone could advise you better than I can.
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    Well, Personally I only recommend upgrading to 5.00M33-6 as the 5.50 Gen and Prometheus just gave me freezing trying to use themes and I liked my themes but they were badly converted on 5.50. Since that port of Doom doesn't seem too great look around the web for an updated version or a different port, there are quite a few ports of DOOM for the PSP, some better then others. For playing newer PSP games I just recommend getting Games Decrypter for your PSP. It's a app that works on the PSP and will decrypt Eboots to work on lower firmware. It should boot up just fine then, just make sure you're in the M33 driver mode in your VSH menu, if that doesn't work use the one that says 9660.

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