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    Getting a Nintendo Gamecube Controller for your Wii is prooving harder and harder these days. With releases like Mario Kart and Smash Brothers Brawl for Nintendo Wii, demand has shot up for those controllers.

    Sadly in Europe and America, at the moment the controllers are no longer made and died with the Gamecube. For Wii gamers who didnt own a Gamecube, getting hold of these controllers is prooving difficult and expensive. Some ebay and Amazon sellers have been selling these controllers at double the retail price for a second hand one. Finding a brand new sealed one is almost impossible as they are no longer made.

    Luckily in Japan, Nintendo have re-released the Nintendo GameCube controller in Wii White colour with extra long cords (for those Wii Gamers who play far back from the television and are use to wireless). Sadly Nintendo of Europe or America havent followed suit and show no signs of doing so for some unknown reason.

    The good news is this, the controllers released in Japan and not in Europe or America work in consoles from all regions. Which means you can buy one of these controllers in Japan and use it on your European or American Wii's. Besides the box, the only Japanense part of the controller is the small writing on the back of the controller which is unnoticeable.

    So if your looking for a brand new Gamecube controller to play Mario Kart, Smash Bros or Virtual Console games, why not just buy the re-released controller? Oh yeah, the catch, Japan.

    Luckily Play-Asia offer these controllers at $24.90 a go which is much less than the controller would cost new in Europe or America if it was offered, with only $10 shipping worldwide.

    Even with the shipping cost, the controller for me at least is still cheaper than it would be at Retail if Nintendo of Europe ever offered it. ($34.90 - £17)

    Pictures of the controller are attached.

    Interested in buying one?

    GameCube Controller for Nintendo Wii

    I would honestly recommend this to all my friends and all Digiex visitors. I myself have ordered two of them, and they arrived a week later at my house in London, United Kingdom all the way from Hong Kong with no custom charges to worry about. Not only that, the white colour fits perfectly with the Nintendo Wii :)

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