Question for Gears of War OGs and Digital Preservation Nerds <3

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by WholeNugget, Mar 3, 2021.

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    So we've all heard the story of "Epic Games costed MS 1billion" for the 512mb ram upgrade in 360 because without it Gears was impossible to look at or play. There's videos online showing what Gears looked like on that 256mb ram build that was old enough to not even have the final voice actor for Marcus yet and I was wondering does anyone know if a build like that is in the wild? There was all those beta builds that leaked in 2011 and I always hoped over the years id be able to play the campaign with the graphics set up of the video bellow. A lot of the clips come from the 2005 E3 demo so i just hope to possibly see something as small as that if not the whole campaign

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    I dont think any builds that early for Gears have leaked, theirs some near final builds with usb keyboard support on the Xbox 360.

    You might also find this magazine scan from 2004 of interest: Gears of War Preview From 2004

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