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    First of all, by default, when you join the server you are [Visitor] rank. At this stage you cannot build anywhere or do anything.

    The next rank is [Player] which is earned by being whitlisted. Now you can build, buy plots and TP, and use a few other commands.

    After that you can earn [Oldie] rank by being on the server alot and being dedicated, you will have to help out other players aswell. Now you can use /Lb for checking grief, get a cheaper kit and spawn trees.

    Next up is [Builder] rank which is earned by building awsome things that amaze the admins and you have to also be trusted with item spawning. Now you can spawn certain building blocks.

    You can now earn [Trusted] rank this is by being completely trusted by the admins not just for item spawnig but for whitlisting new players aswell. Now you can whitlist and might often be called to help admins.

    Second to last is [Mod] which is earned by being trusted by the admin team and being on the server enough to help out with whitlisting, banning and muting in some cases also you will have to be trusted for item spawning. Descrition already said.

    Finally is [Admin] rank, this is earned by all the same reasons as [Mod] but you will have to get fully trusted by admins as you will be able to do loads more commands and fly, which is a very good advantage in the server. You are awsome and can basicly do anything.

    All of these ranks are in order of when you earn them. you cannot earn one rank befor earning all the ranks leading to it. e.g. you cannot earn builder from player you will have to earn oldie first.

    Hope this helps out with the confusion about the ranks.

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