Rebooting Digiex Minecraft in the end of July 2014

Discussion in 'Digiex Minecraft Server' started by AlleOpsO, Jul 6, 2014.

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    Sweden, Stockholm!!
    Hello fellow minecrafters!

    As many of you know digiex minecraft shut down for around 2 years ago due to inactivity so it felt kind of meaningless to keep paying for a dead server.
    Have you guys tried to find a new decent minecraft server after digiex but never found what we had on here?
    That is exactly how I feel atleast, so i've come up with a decsision to reboot the Digiex Minecraft server wich I ran by Snook and got his approval, so im going to sponsor a fully dedicated minecraft server, and hopefully we manage to create what once were.

    So now to the reason im creating this thread is for you guys to come up with suggestions, things you missed in the previous digiex minecraft experience, could be all from plugins to gamemode. Just tell me how your ideal minecraft server would look and we will try to create a extraordinary minecraft server that is ideal to every minecraft player.

    I really want to find what we had in the past and I hope you guys are as eagar as I am to start this new fresh digiex minecraft. So what I want you to do now is to try and let everyone who used to play in digiex see this post and come up with suggestions that we can implement on the server, as this will be the ground for the server.

    The goal is not to get 100+ players, or get a huge player basis, our goal is to find the community we once had, to create what we had in a completely new fresh server. So lets do this and make this the best minecraft server again!

    Jozo suggested we get some kind of voice chat, since the dedicated server is not up yet skype will have to suffice, so if you want to reach me add AlleOpsO on skype and tell me your in-game name and ill accept you :)
    and we'll see to make a group chat in skype :)
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  2. Skeven

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    I, for one, am in.

    All I ask is that my rank and titles be reinstated and that my lands be returned to me, and be mine, to be passed down to my children, and grandchildren, and so forth until the end of time.
  3. MrNitvit

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    Somewhere you don't want to go.
    I vote yes.
  4. Nimrod

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    It's back already, a big skype chat formed and a server was purchased :)

    It's a Minecraft Realm though, so inviting is required to get in!
    Pure Vanilla, Pure Fun, No Admins :)
  5. Slaz

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    So is the realm still up? If so, I'd like to see what you guys are up to in Minecraft these days. Any of the players from the old server still there?

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