Remove / Disable iPlayer, BBC News and BBC Sport on Nvidia Shield TV (UK)

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    So for anyone who's physical location is the UK, Nvidia for the benefit of the 90% or so pre-installs BBC iPlayer and gives it front row on the Recommendations / Homepage on the Shield TV Console.

    The problem is for the those of us who don't want/have a TV License or use VPN's outside the UK or otherwise don't want BBC iPlayer on our home screen it is particularly annoying - especially as the App's considered a system app and cannot be uninstalled.

    Particular use case for those who don't have a TV License, imagine the TV Licensing Goons turning up and seeing iPlayer on your home screen and filling up your Recommendations... Quite awkward. Sadly it seems Nvidia being American didn't quite think this through with regards to UK Laws when deciding to force it onto devices instead of making it opt-in.

    The good news however is you can disable the iPlayer and its surrounding service apps (BBC News and BBC Sport) with a few tweaks in the backend. However it's not as clear as it should be. This guide will walk you through it.

    First and foremost, open up the Settings Tab and Browse to Apps. The first part is easy, locate BBC iPlayer like so:


    Once selected, sadly there is no simple uninstall options. So instead select 'Disable' like so:


    You will get a final prompt, and can click Ok and you are half way there.


    At this point, the iPlayer App and BBC News and BBC Sport will stop working. You would think this is now done and dusted so why the need for a guide for something so simple. However the Icons will remain and become useless cluttering up your Home Screen.

    So instead of making this easy, there's a second App named 'NvXtraMedia2' (not named that obviously) that also needs to be disabled to completely remove all traces of the Apps on your home screen and effectively get rid of them. So go ahead like above but this time search for NvXtraMedia2 and disable it in the same way.


    Perfect. Next up go to Power and Reset your device.

    Once done, you will now find all traces of the BBC Apps are removed from your device, no icons, no apps and no recommendations.
    You would wonder why Nvidia made this so hard and instead just didnt let you either Opt In to download it, or install it like any normal App which would then let you remove it.
    Sadly this method won't recover the disk space used by the Apps (Waiting for Nvidia Developers to learn common sense) but at least this method will allow you to use the Nvidia Shield TV in the UK happily without needing to worry about TV Licensing or taking up valuable home screen estate if you never have any intent to use it.

    All done, and I hope this helps :)

    Out of curiosity for anyone who is wanting to do the opposite, if you live outside the UK but want iPlayer and all these rubbish apps - Change your Language on the Device to English (British/UK) and the device will auto install them. iPlayer and the likes will still have an Geo IP Blocking but then again that's so easy to get around these days. Check out my Guide: Configuring OpenVPN / NordVPN on Nvidia Shield TV / Android TV using Native TV Application


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