Renewing my Halo experience

Discussion in 'Gaming Hangout' started by slimwadey, Dec 8, 2010.

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    I have just finished Halo2 for the PC
    Now i guess most people will be saying .. Halo2 .. thats really old what about Reach .. etc

    Well i have played all the Halo's from the first Halo game to the Prequel Reach
    But it was a long time ago that i played the early Halo games so i figured i would obtain them on PC and have a play, yes sure i have an xbox but i wanted to get the Gamerscore for Halo2 on my new GT !
    Well anyway back to it
    I had forgotten just how good a game H2 is .. great story, great scenery, great guns (those duel wield needlers are awesome )
    But what struck me most was the plot, yes i know the creators wrote a whole story that ties in all games but playing through it brings it all back.. little comments from the background characters.. like, "this ones for reach" and many more all the way through

    When i first played the game i really did not understand the whole story, but after reading up on it and replaying old games i can happily say this is my favourite Game story

    Ok this post does not really amount to much but i just wanted to say how much i enjoyed Halo2 the second time round
    If you have it, bung it in the console/pc and give it a whizz . you wont regret it
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    You really enjoyed the campaign on Halo 2? campaign wise its my least favorite in the series. It was pretty average until you started playing as the elites... then i got bored to be honest.
    Like you mention though I did not really understand much of the story back then, all i knew was it was going to be the biggest Xbox game in history and everyone was playing it.

    I think after finishing all the other Halo games I would appreciate it more if I went back and play it again.

    I did try to do that on the PC, however have lost my savegame twice... once when upgrading to Windows 7 back in the day and the other time due to a motherboard failure... its pretty bad how even if you backup your saves they will not work when you restore them, unless its the same Windows install.
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    Yeah I totally agree that I did not get anything from the Campaign for all previous HALO games.
    Except for the fact that we all know that it is one of the greatest releases in gaming history for the xbox and PC as a well know multiplier
    On the contrary, when playing The latest reboot for the series, which is HALO reach, and the mere fact that it is a prequel to the original story will make it more enjoyable and far more rewarding with less efforts to be understood.

    So My Advice to you guys is just to go for the single player Campaign in HALO reach and the satisfaction is granted.
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    halo reach looks good,a few friends play it often

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