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    I thought it would be a good idea if people posted reviews of gigs/shows/ etc. that they had been to recently, and wasn't really sure where to put this, as I didn't think it fitted in the Review section as it isn't a game etc. But feel free to move this if you so wish.


    Tim Minchin, an Australian singer/songwriter/comedian has only recently come into fame. After his breakout show "Darkside" won him various awards at the 2005 Melbourne Comedy awards, he has now embarked on tours all over the world, namely in the USA, UK and his native Australia.

    The amazing thing about Tim is that he is all self taught. He took piano lessons as a kid, but never carried on, and only took it up again later in life. As you will hear from some of his songs, he is a brilliant pianist. Whislt maybe not the greatest singer in the world, he can sing, but it's more the way he delivers his songs, rather than how well he sings. And whilst his songs are great to listen to on there own, it is the way he performs them, with cheeky, bewildered looks towards the crowd, that makes the show that much more enjoyable.

    So of Tim's best work however, has a serious note. The song "Canvas Bags" is all about him trying to campaign and get people to use canvas bags rather than plastic, but it is brilliantly delivered live, with Tim going off stage briefly to get a desk fan, which he then stands infront of to look more "Rockstar".


    If your religious or easily offended, then I wouldn't bother watching Mr. Minchin. After all, one of his songs is called "10 foot cock and a few hundred virgins" ;)

    The show itself is very well done, with a mixture of brilliant songs and good stand-up, something that many people may not expect him to be able to well. He is a true showman, and one that should definately see, trust me, you won't regret it.

    It was truely one of the most enjoyable nights I've had, and it was non-stop laughs from start to finish, even during the inteval, with his "funky interval music".

    Stand out songs include: "Taboo" (my personal favourite), "Rock & Roll Nerd", "Dark Side", "Canvas Bags", "Not Perfect" and "You Grew On Me" Although all of them are brilliant.

    Definately gets 5 stars from me.

    Tim's new DVD "So F**king Rock!" is out now, only available in HMV at a price of £15. Tim is still currently on tour in the UK, with only a few shows remaining before he goes back to Australia.

    Remaining tour dates are as follows:

    27 Nov 2008 19:45
    CANTERBURY - Gulbenkian Canterbury

    29 Nov 2008 20:00
    GLASGOW - Royal Concert Hall Glasgow

    2 Dec 2008 20:00
    BELFAST - St. George’s Market Belfast

    18 Dec 2008 19:30
    LONDON - The Bloomsbury Theatre London

    19 Dec 2008 19:30
    LONDON - The Bloomsbury Theatre London

    21 Dec 2008 19:00
    LONDON - Hammersmith Apollo London

    21 Dec 2008 19:30
    LONDON - Southbank Centre London

    22 Dec 2008 19:30
    LONDON - Southbank Centre London

    Finally, me and my mate met Tim after the show, and he was a really nice bloke, and I even got my picture taken with him and he signed my poster.

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    after seeing the link to one of his songs in the "Funnies" post, and reading you reviews, i decided to check this guy out.

    He's Brilliant!!!

    but (as far as i can tell) he gets no airtime in the US. i listen to the comedy channel on satellite radio,and they play everyone (not just americans) and they play plenty or satirical comedy musicians, and i'd never heard of him until here. Thanks Munky!

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