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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by oO Flowzilla Oo, Jul 23, 2012.

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    I am planning on rooting my phone however I plan on studying the process first since I have some bad experiences with hacking (my 2 PSPs on CFW died for no reason ).

    I have the Samsung Galaxy Y.


    I have no problem with rooting my phone, I just don't want it to get bricked (It's gonna be a while before I can afford a new phone). I know that rooting will void the warranty but I read on Yahoo Answers that there is a way to unroot a bricked phone (correct me if I'm wrong). If so, can you explain to me a little about this.

    Do you have a rooted phone? Did your phone ever get bricked?
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    It usually pretty safe to root your phone, just be use to read up on it over at XDA Developers for your phone.

    When you have rooted you can usually install a custom recovery for a lot of phones, this allows you to flash custom roms. Also it the name suggests you can recover the phone if anything is to go wrong, you can wipe the phone and flash the rom again, making it pretty hard to totally mess up the phone.

    I rooted my HTC Desire, back then i had to make a special "gold card" that would allow the phone to flash a file to gain root, then flash the clockwork recovery. However at a later date it got as easy as connecting the USB cable to the computer and running an app. I must have flashed a rom every couple of months on my Desire with no problems, worked way better than it did with the stock HTC rom.

    I have also rooted my new Galaxy Nexus, although the phone designed for hackers and developers so there's even less risk with this one.

    If you understand what you are doing you will be fine, just dont go flashing random files you have no idea about.
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    I second the link to XDA Dev I had a HTC clip from there many moons ago and could not suggest the place enough, Even helped unlock the HTC Salsa on there good times, But always research a bit before you just blast a new rom on your phone

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